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A Cell is like a Volleyball Team

Cell Analogy

Tyler Foltz

on 14 March 2011

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Transcript of A Cell is like a Volleyball Team

Cell Analogy A cell is like a volleyball team. The plasma membrane is like the blockers at the net. The blockers job is to control what comes over the net and enters their side of the court. The plasma membrane also controls what enters and leaves the cell. Plasma Membrane :: Blockers Nucleus :: Setter In a cell, the nucleus is the control center of the cell. It directs all the cells activities. The nucleus of a volleyball team is the setter. The setter controls the team. She controls who gets to hit and when. Ribosomes :: Hitters The ribosomes make the proteins in the cell. The proteins are the most important product of the cells. In a volleyball game, the hitters make the points. In volleyball, points are the most important thing, so the points are like proteins. Endoplasmic Reticulum :: Back Row The endoplasmic reticulum is responsible for transporting important information and objects throughout the cell. In a volleyball game, the back row is responsible for delivering a good pass up to the setter, so that the setter (nucleus) can carry out the rest of the team's activities. Lysosomes :: Libero Lysosomes are responible for breaking down and getting rid of waste of the cell. In volleyball, the libero is responsible for getting all of the "junk" hits and cleaning up the teams play. Vacuoles :: Water Bottles In a plant cell, vacuoles store waste and other materials. However, vacuoles store mostly water. The water bottles volleyball players drink from are like vacuoles. They hold the water the players need, until the players need it. Mitochondria :: Captain The mitochondria is responsible for making the energy (ATP) for the cell. The captain of the volleyball team is responsible for keeping the teams energy up and not letting the team lose energy when they make a bad play. Cytoskeleton :: Coach The cytoskeleton gives the cell structure.
The coach's job is to give the team structure by directing practices and coaching during the game. Centrioles :: Net The centrioles job is to help carry out cell division. The net is what divides the two teams and acts as the boundary or division that separates the teams from one another. Cytoplasm :: Court The cytoplasm includes all the organelles in the cell and is where everything takes place. The court is where the actual volleyball game happens and where all the important "organelles" work together as one unit.
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