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Milou Huijs

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Reporting House - Visie op de toekomst
Met je tablet in de wolken
De invloed van BYOD, tablets en clouds op rapportages
Rule based control
Vergroten van de scope van werkzaamheden Reporting
Reporting Strategie
Verdiepen van de levering van rapportages en levering
Mogelijke groeipad voor Reporting House
Middels de volgende onderwerpen
1. Reporting Strategie
2. Rule Based Control
3. Cloud & Bring your own device
eerste analyse van resultaten / constateren aantal mutaties / weergeven budget overschrijdingen / correlaties tussen prognose storingen en prognose geleverde treinpaden
stelposten / eerste analyse afsluiting / scenario modelling

Reporting portal
- a single information interface to multiple users from multiple applications / data sources
- a tool with graphically appealing visuals that help employees to visualize the data at a high level & better understand and react to the company's overall business performance
- Drill-down capabilities allow users to analyze the data through different reports, analyze it with different features, and display it through different visualization methods.
- Drilling will keep the reporting load light and enhance reporting performance. As it only presents one layer of data at a time, features like drill-down lighten the load on the server at query time and greatly enhance reporting performance.

- Quickly gain insight and confidence with critical statistical evidence that is readily available to all decisions makers
- Drive customer profitability by identifying key customer demographics
- Use statistical process control to help improve quality and reduce costs
- Support hypotheses and maximize return on investment by testing and analyzing data

Scenario modeling
Portfolio and predictive analysis
Real time monitoring and alerts
- Empowering users to detect and rapidly respond to changing business conditions with real-time analytics and exception notification
- Exposing problems or opportunities in real-time to continuously drive operational efficiencies
- Drill down capabilities – users can quickly determine the root cause of an issue
Top Management Information
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