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Author Biography Outline

No description

Kelly Schumm

on 29 March 2017

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Transcript of Author Biography Outline

Catch the readers attention
Book quote, trivia, fun fact

2. Background Information
Birthday, siblings, family
Where did they grow up?
What was their lifestyle?
What schools did they attend?
Are they married? Kid?
Where do they live now?
3. Writing Career
When did they decide to be a writer?
When did they write their first book?
How did they get thier ideas?
What are some of the books they wrote?
Are they still writing today?
How many books have they written in their career?
4. Book Summary and evaluation
What book are you summarizing?
Give the summary of the book
Give your recommendation or opinion of the book
Give the reason for liking the book
What is your opinion about the author?
Why would you recommend these books to people?
End with a statement about your author.
Body of the Text
Author Biography Outline
5. Fun Facts/Other Information
What are some interesting things that make your author special?
What kind of awards have they won?
Have they written any other genre of books? Baby? Adult? Non-fiction? Horror?
Does the author have a nickname, special trait, or goofy story?
1. Introduction
Body of Text
This section of the paper should not be more than a paragraph (4-6 sentences)
This is not a paper of fun facts!
What is a summary?
Gives an overview of the plot.
Names the main character (s).
Eludes to the ending without giving it away.
Example: Read the back of a book
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