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Network Efficiency Analysis

No description

Hafida Fahmiasari

on 11 August 2015

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Transcript of Network Efficiency Analysis

Network Efficiency Analysis
of Nusantara Pendulum
"Smooth seas do not
make skilful sailors."
(African Proverb)

Hafida Fahmiasari
Bachelor Degree Candidate
Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Indonesia Economics Growth
Nagurney-Qiang (NQ)
Data Analysis
NQ method
The network efficiency of Nusantara Pendulum >> The existing major domestic goods route
Comparison of Importance Values in Nusantara network component between two methods gave the same value

Data Analysis
Disparity of Trading Activities in Indonesia
Nusantara Pendulum Network Plan
Nusantara Pendulum network is possible to be applied in Indonesia
Nusantara Pendulum network efficiency >> the existing one
Link c, is the most important in the network
Link e, has the least importance value in network
Node 4, is the most important node, in network
Node 6, is the least important node in network

Analyze the network efficiency of Nusantara Pendulum
Theoretical Review
Indonesia GDP Growth (2003-2010)

source: IMF, 2011
Indonesia and World GDP Growth in 2003-2010
source: IMF, 2011
Structure of National, Local Demands
of Household Consumption, 2012

source: (MP3EI)
The Container Volume in
Main Ports of Indonesia, 2012
source: Indonesia Port Corporation
Nusantara Pendulum Network
Economic Corridors Plan in Indonesia
source: MP3EI
source: MP3EI (Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development)
Network Efficiency
a and b are
c is
general cargo
container cargo
dry bulk
liquid bulk
Jenelius, Petersen, and
Mattson (JPM) Method
JPM Method
Two conditions
Nusantara Pendulum Plan
Existing Major Goods Route
source: Transportation Ministry, 2011
source: Temas, SSS, Meratus, TPS
Importance ranking of nodes and links
Demand for Existing Major Goods Route
Ocean Freight Cost for Existing Route
Simulation of Existing Route Analysis
Calculation of Existing Major Domestic Goods Route
Nusantara Pendulum Plan
Nusantara Pendulum is not single solution
The demand data: port to port demand
The costs data use complete data from trucking to industrial centre to port
Possibility to connect the network to future international hub port
Mention and describe the journey time factors
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