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Copy of Pbl

this is my pbl on question number 6. about my relatives

Sheereen Eidelkhani

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Pbl

My Project Based Learning (PBL) By: Sheereen Sarah Eidelkhani For my Project Based Learning (PBL), I will be telling you about my relatives. I will be telling you about 3 of my grand-parents. 2 of the grand-parents I will be telling you about passed away, but 1 of them are still living today in her 70s. All of them were born and raised in Iran. Tahereh Mokarian Ghorban-Ali Joshani Ghorban-Ali is my grand-father's name. He was my mother's dad. He lived in Iran with his wife Tahereh and 5 children. He passed away 3 years ago. He owned a shop, where he sold rice, salt, etc. When he was young he was a soldier. Introduction Next I will tell you the difference between purchasing some products 32 years ago and the price of those same products today. Then I will tell you about their lifestyle, what they did and other details. !HOPE YOU ENJOY MY PRESENTATION! Abbas Eidelkhani Abbas was my other grand-father's name. He lived in Zanjan with his wife Parvin and 2 children. He was my father's dad. He built apartments and houses. He was a very good man. His religion (Baha'i) was very important to him. The Persian government wanted to make Baha'i s chose the government's religion over their own. Abbas was killed 28 years ago by the Persian government for his beliefs. In the honor of my grand-father my parents named my older who is 11 Abbas. You may be wondering what I was talking about earlier in my presentation, about my grand-father Abbas, and why he was killed. In Iran since the revolution in 1981 they have killed over 280 Baha'is because of their religion. The Baha'i faith was created 170 years ago, and the leader of the faith was Baha'ullah. Tahereh Mokarian, is my grand-mother's name. She is my mother's mom. She is in her 70s. She used to work before she got married. She would also clean the house, take care of her 5 children, prepare food, etc. Women since the revolution in Iran 32 years ago, have to wear a head-scarf at all times when out on streets or shopping, even today, otherwise they could go to jail. Before the revolution you didn't need to wear a head-scarf Today Tahereh (my grand-mother) is taken care of by 3 of her 5 children who are still in Iran and close by (my mom, is here, and one of my uncles are in Edmonton). He also had stroke in his 50s when my mother was a child. So he couldn't do anything with the right side of his body afterward. He had to learn to write, eat, etc, with the left side of his body. Confused? Currently these 7 people are in jail and have been in jail for 5 years. The government has said that they can not be released from jail for another 15 years. They did nothing wrong, and yet they are in jail for their religion, and what they believe is right. Purchasing Products Then and Today Now I will tell you about the differences between purchasing some products from 32 years ago and today in Iran. Well for starters the product of buying chicken has changed enormously. Back then the price for a small chicken was 32 cents, and today buying that same size chicken is 10 dollars! Buying bread was 1 cent, and today is 1 dollar! One box of a dozen pencils was 10 cents, and today each pencil you purchase is 50 cents(same with pens)!
There are lots more, from socks to clothing to food to shoes, etc. Conclusion Thank you for watching my PBL.
I hope you enjoyed it! The Baha'i sign
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