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Facts about Stalin

No description

Kwein Avielle

on 21 March 2017

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Transcript of Facts about Stalin

Joseph Stalin
Facts about Stalin
18th December 1878

5th March 1953

Background/Rise to power- Became

General Secretary of the Communist Party in 1922 which gave him access to over 25,000 files about Party Members
Key events in Stalin's rule
Second World War 1939-1945
The Great Famine

Control of Government
The Chistka of 1932-35
The Trial of the Sixteen 1936 (Zinoviev and Kamanev)
The Trial of trial of the Seventeen 193 (Radek and Pyatakov)
the Trial of the Twenty-one 1938 (Bukharin and Rykov)
Purges in the Red Army and Secret Police
Industry and Agriculture
Five Year Plans
First Five Year Plan 1928-1932
Second Five Year Plan 1933-1937
Third Five Year Plan 1938-1941
Fourth Five Year Plan 1946-1950
Fifth Five Year Plan 1951-1955
Collectivization - 1928-1941

1934 - Secret police reformed as the NKVD, Yagoda was the head
1936 - Yezhov replaced Yagoda as head of the NKVD
1938- Beria replaced Yezhov as head of the NKVD
1941- Powers of the NKVD were strengthened due to the war
1953- Beria removed from power

Propaganda and Media
- Newspapers
- Stalin's cult of personality

Arts and Culture
- Socialist Realism
Social Policy
Full Employment
Women and Family

Control of the people - Terror, Propaganda and Media, Arts and Culture
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