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TLT Virtual Presentation

No description

Anna Li

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of TLT Virtual Presentation

What Makes A
Good Leader? Customer
Service Creating Support
Documentation Online Learning PROS:
- Flexible Hours
- Save time and $$
- Location anywhere
- Expand one's education
while taking care of
family and working
- More affordable CONS:
- No face-to-face
interaction with
other students and
the professor
- No enforcement to do
assignments on time
watch lectures
- Allows students to
- Not all employers
recognize an online
education There are 17 SINC sites, these sites are:

- Biology SINC Site
- Central Reading Room
- Chemistry SINC Site
- Computing Center
- Computer Science SINC Site
- Engineering SINC Site
- Fine Arts SINC Site
- Harriman SINC Site
- Humanities SINC Site
- Language Learning and Research Center
- Main Library SINC Site
- Math/Physics SINC Site
- North Reading Room
- Southampton SINC Site
- Student Union SINC Site CoLAs
(Collaborative Learning Areas)
- North Reading Room
- Coming Soon:
- Engineering
- Math/Physics

More information can
be found on
/ComputerLabs/Pages/default.aspx Learn How to Troubleshoot
Technical Difficulties Skills Need for a Leader:
- Confidence
- Determination
- Initiative
- Good Listening Skills
- Critical Thinking Skills
- Good People Skills Time
Management Good Customer Service:
- Respect
- Treat others the way you want to
be treated
- Address problems/issues/complaints
as quickly as possible
- Don't make assumptions about
customer(s) based on appearance
- 3 C's: Competence, Concern, Communication
- Try to understand the customer and his/her
- See the situation from the customer's
- Never say you don't know when asked a
- Always attempt to help the customer
- Be clear and concise
- Use pictures/screenshots
- Follow the DoIT Style Guide

The guide can be found at this link:
https://student.stonybrook.edu/tltworkshop/Docs/1/Workshops/Templates/DoIT_style_guide.docx Examples of Good Leaders:
- Gandhi
- Susan B. Anthony
- Obama
- Martin Luther King Jr.
- Joan of Arc SINC Sites Is this YOU? THERE'S NO "I" IN TEAM! Team Work - do you want to gain
leadership skills?
- Do You Have These
Characteristics? You can work in a team and
learn communication and
leadership skills as a TLT
IN CUSTOMER SERVICE? Interested in learning how to solve
and fix technical difficultites? Apply to be TLT
Intern/ Senior Consultant
TODAY! Do you like working in a team?
Do you enjoy helping others? Time management is essential in life.
- Necessary in school and at
- Benefits personal life To improve time management:
- Create a schedule daily, weekly,
and monthly
- Use a planner
- Follow your schedule Do you like teaching others? - you can improve or learn
time management skills
- Gain leadership skills
- Obtain experience in
customer service
- learn about technology WORK ON CAMPUS and LEARN IN THE SINC SITE LOCATIONS Sources:
- http://www.tlt.stonybrook.edu
- http://www.squidoo.com/sunygraphics
- http://www.aliceinwonderlandclothing.com/product/late_rabbit_hare_
- http://www.cartoonstudio.co.uk/Pages/kmeters1.html
- http://www.phoenixga.com/Support/GetSupport.htm
NEED TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS? - Be open to others's opinions
- Be considerate of team members' feelings
- Cooperate with each other
- Respect team members
- Work together - Email problems@ic.sunysb.edu
- Restart the computer
- Ask for help
- Policies ie. no food or drinks
- Walk in printing
- Computers avaliable to use
- Pharos Differences:
- Account Terminals
- CoLAs
- Software and Programs
- Use Eye Contact
- Be Aware of Different Educational
Levels of Audience
- Know Your Audience
- Cite Your Sources
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