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Louis XIV vs. Peter the great.

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jamela perry

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Louis XIV vs. Peter the great.

Louis XIV vs. Peter the great.
Louis The XIV
- Louis the XIV was one of the powerful leaders in France's history.
Peter the great
- After the childhood scar of the Streltsy revolt Peter the Great wanted to move the capitol of Russia to a new city. He didnt want to move it in to an existing city, he decided to build a new one called
St. Petersburg.
Similarities of louis XIV and Peter the Great
- One of the major similarities was having traumatic
events in their childhood , the Steltsy revolt for Peter the great then the louis the XIV.
Differences between Louis XIV and Peter ther great.
- They both had different goals peter's was to bring Rassia to the a new age and Louis's was to destroy the hapsburgs power in europe.
- Which was a better ruler?
Both were great rulers but think peter the great was a better ruler becauase if it wasnt for hime russia wouldnt be what it is today.
- When he became king , this led to a hatred of the
nobility and it also led to the move of the capitol of
France to near by Versailles. Hatred of the nobility
led him to keep them under a very watchful eye and
to try to keep them out of his government.
- He also set up one of the largest spy rings in
- Louis was a very powerful ruler because he was
able to collect taxes without having to call the
French Estates General.
- Louis the XIV greatly expanded the French army,
a necessity because he was at war for 33 year
of his 54-year reign, the amry increased
from 25,000 to 250,000.
- Peter set a goal to focus on bringing into the new age since they were so behind nations in europe.
- he also know for creating the first Russian
navy and various naval representative.
- Like Peter , louis wanted complete control of his people
, as he said , " One King, one law, one faith".
- Both of them worked on improving their militaries.
- Peter the great and Louis the XIV both tried to
manipulate and control the nobilty to maintain their
- Louis XIV was 4 when he took the throne and Peter the great was 9 when he took the throne.
- Which was more aggressive?
Louis the XIV was more
more aggressive because he was in war for 33 years
and he destroyed hapsburg.
- Who did more for their country?
Peter the great because not only did he shaped russia into what it is today Peter the great build a whole new city and created russia first navy.
- Who would i want to be ruled by?
I would want
to get ruled by peter the great.
St. Petersburg
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