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Marketing Social Media Proposal

No description

Sophie Layton

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Marketing Social Media Proposal

Target Audiences
To create a
sense of community
for marketing majors, faculty and alumni

To leverage
social media
to foster that community

To create a
platform for meaningful engagement
and exchange with the constituencies we name

reach students, alumni, and colleagues
on platforms they are using

Why the Project was Initiated
"BC Marketing"
"Boston College Marketing Department"
"Marketing at Boston College"
"Boston College Department of Marketing"
Project Title
Benchmarks: Peer Institutions
Marketing Department Social Media Proposal
Overall Objectives
Currently have two student interns as staff for the initiative
Staffing going forward
Support for faculty participation
Minimizing time commitment for faculty
Control over message
Components & Constraints
Near term
: ENGAGEMENT of undergraduate students, marketing faculty, administrators

Long term
: use social media to build a virtual community (students, faculty, alumni, etc.) through discussion of research, marketing trends, events, etc.
"About" section
Event promotions
Career Postings
"Marketing in the News" including re-posts of relevant links from faculty, AMA, articles in WSJ, Marketing Charts, etc.
Research features
Faculty, alumni and student features
Facebook Features
Career Postings
Re-post links from faculty onto BC Marketing Linkedin profile
Use IFTTT to connect Linkedin page to Facebook page: Linkedin posting ---> Facebook posting
Process Flow
Use of Facebook events to reach a broader audience
Process of creating an event:
Select 'Events' in the top menu bar of the Facebook page
Select 'create an event'
Complete logistics accordingly:
Event Promotion
Facebook Event Page
For internship and career opportunities we wish to highlight
Will drive student engagement on the Facebook Page

Example of an opportunity that could be posted:
My name is Erica and I work with a collegiate marketing agency called, Neato. We're currently looking for student marketing managers for our client, Vans, at Boston College for Fall 2014. The Vans lifestyle represents music, street culture, action sports and art.

If you know of any students who might be interested, please tell them to apply at http://vansu.neatoagency.com
Career Postings Process Flow
Facebook as main platform for social media outreach
Featuring a variety of content to engage all audiences
Linking the Facebook to LinkedIn for more convenience
Amy Donegan
FB Moderator
With faculty blurb and link to EagleLink
We Also Looked At...
Other CSOM departments
Information Systems
Business Law
Current Conditions of BC Marketing Academy
Marketing Academy Facebook Group (91 members)
Marketing Academy Facebook page (145 likes)
Marketing Academy Twitter (109 followers)
MA Listserv (473)
UPenn (Wharton School)
Notre Dame
Current Students
Faculty & Administrators
Companies with Marketing Opportunities
Outside of CSOM
Within CSOM
to have engaging, current material relevant to the undergraduates
to have faculty-recommended material that will drive student interest (whether that is the career postings or articles they recommend)
to deliver information in a voice that is less formal than the website - fostering community among our audiences
to utilize the expertise of student interns to curate the content, without requiring substantial faculty/administrative staff time to maintain

Objectives for Content Strategy
Marketing Major Persona
What do they care about?
Professors & Classes
Faculty Research
Marketing in News
* Order of importance may change depending on year
Who are they?
Social Media Savvy
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