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Out of my mind Bood report

No description

maryjane scully

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Out of my mind Bood report

Out of My mind Book report by: Mary Jane Scully By: Sharon M. Draper Introduction:
Out of my mind written by Sharon Draper, is about a 11 year old girl named Melody who has never said one word in her life. She can't move her body except for her hands sometimes, even though she has no grip. For Melody, her thoughts are only on the inside and it is hard to communicate with other people. Melody goes through a hard time at school because she just wants every one to like her for whats on the inside and she wants to fit in and be “normal”. Melody eventually finds ways to face these challenges with a little help from her parents, friends, and her own courage. Exposition:
Out of mind takes place in Ohio at the main character, Melody's house. In the story Melody has a very supportive mom and dad that help her through a lot of things. Melody has a younger sister named Penny who can walk and talk better than Melody can . Melody also has a babysitter who is really helpful to Melody because she writes new words for Melody to point to. There are also friends at school that are really nice, but some of them are stubborn and think Melody always get her way because shes disabled. Conflict:
The conflict is that she can't walk or talk and she has trouble communicating with other people. Her thoughts are only on the inside and it is hard for her to do a lot of things. Rising Action:

Melody gets a media talker that helps her communicate with other people at school and around the house. The media talker will help her get into the quiz club at her school because then she has a way to tell her answers. Complication:
Some stubborn classmates think melody is cheating when she has her friend write down what Melody thinks is correct. This happened when Melody was taking the test to determine if she was going to be in the quiz club. Climax:
Melody gets into the quiz team because she is the only one who got all of the test questions correct. She found out she will be attending all of the competitions. She and her team makes it into the competition finals in Washington D.C. Resolution:
Melody's quiz team gets ninth place in the finals and Melody realizes, that without her they can't win. She is really part of the team and they all missed her with them. Symbols:

A fish jumping out of it's bowl symbolizes when Melody saw her fish was dying and she had no way of telling her mom it was happening. So she screamed and when her mom walked in, she thought Melody dumped over the fishbowl. Just like Melody, the fish had no control of what was going on, and couldn't do any thing about it.


The theme in this story is to never give up and to learn how to over come your challenges. In the book, Melody had many challenges to face but she never gave up. She went through many different obstacles to achieve getting into the quiz team, making friends, and communicating with others. In life it is good to overcome challenges just like Melody. Author Info:

Sharon M. Draper writer of Out of my Mind, Club House Mysteries series, and the Jericho Trilogy is a very accomplished writer. Sharon M. Draper is a New York times bestselling author and has been honored at the White house six times. She is an amazing writer and says from her website that, "words flow easily from my fingertips and my heart races when I have in idea." She loves what she does and wants to encourage students and teachers. What I liked best:

In the book Out of my Mind I like best when she makes the quiz team. It made me really happy because the people in the book thought she couldn't do it based on how she looked, but she proved them wrong. Falling action:
Melody and her family miss the plane ride to Washington D.C. and Melody is unable to compete in the quiz finals.

Glue symbolizes Melody's lips being glued shut because she can't speak. Also all of Melody's feelings are on the inside and she cant tell anyone how she feels. So it is like her voice and feelings are sealed on the inside by glue.
Glue symbolizes Melody's lips being glued shut because she can't speak. Also all of Melody's feelings are on the inside and she cant tell anyone how she feels. So it is like her voice and feelings are sealed on the inside by glue. Recommendation:

I would definitely recommend this book to others because it has a great theme and it makes you see life in a larger view. Out of my Mind is the kind of book you can't put down. There are many times of suspense in the book and it is really well written. I would totally recommend this book to all ages.
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