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Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

No description

Shahrin Shahrani

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Angkatan Tentera Malaysia

Web Sources Other Sources Protect the sovereignty and integrity of the country.
Proactive in ensuring the safety and security and welfare of the people.
Support and assist the efforts of the government in the administration and welfare of the people.
Strengthen the relationship between the army and the people, and heighten the integrity and ability of ATM in the interest of the country.
Engage in efforts to enhance peace and security in the region through the implementation of activities as well as bilateral and multilateral confidence building measures.
Supporting security efforts and humanitarian aid operations in the international arena. Implementation of Quality EXECUTION OF STAR RATING SYSTEM (SSR) by MINISTRY OF DEFENCE MALAYSIA
The Star Rating System (SSR) was introduced by the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) in early 2007. The star rating is used as one of the mechanisms to evaluate performance excellence in government agencies in the Civil Service. Quality Policy Empowering Excellencency to Produce Armed Force that One In line, High Ability And Reliable. Malaysia’s Soldier Modernisation Programme
Upgrading weaponry and vehicles to suit regional warfare Background of MAF Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) is also known in Malay language as Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM). It consists of the Malaysian Army (MA), Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) and Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF). Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) is not part of MAF but in time of war it will be put under the command of MAF.
MAF modern history began with the recruitment of 25 young Malay as Malay Regiment squad trial on March 1, 1933. This regimen continued to develop into a full battalion known as First Battalion Malay Regiment on January 1, 1938. The second battalion was established in December 1, 1941, six days before World War II began in Malaya.
At this time the MAF is rapidly modernized as a conventional military force that is able to meet the challenges of the future. Continues Vision -
To Be A Credible Armed Forces
Mission -
To Realise And Deliver Combat Ready Forces In Order To Protect National Sovereignty and Integrity
Goals -
Force Capability
Civil - Military Relations
National Defence Lead Agency
Global Partnership Malaysian Armed Forces Challenges Customer Charter Quality Innovation Group 4
Shahrin Shahrani
Haziq Zulkarnain
Muhammad Faris
Mohammad Shahidrul Suggestion ADS 410 Functions of MAF Quality Objectives Evaluation of Quality http://www.mod.gov.my http://www.mafhq.mil.my Laksamana Muda Dato' Nasaruddin Bin Othman Increase the competitiveness between MAF and other Armed Forces worldwide.
Increase the capability of MAF in giving services during peace and war.
Gain recognition and respect from other Armed Forces on various aspect. Innovative & Creative Circle (ICC)
A small group of workers from the same work unit or across departments who meet regularly to identify, select and analyze problems associated with work and submit a proposal to management for consideration and to carry out the suggestions once approved. Malaysia's Armed Forces are responsible for the protection of the country against internal and external threats.
serve in a wide variety of situations such as assisting civil authorities in addressing domestics threats, maintaining public security, providing aid following the onset of natural disaster
Asssisting in national development programmes. Establish continous research and development program in various sector
Conduct training with other country's armed forces.
Buy modernized weaponry, vehicles and equipment. Budget
Human capital
Size of Military of the regional country Asian Defence Journal : May 2012
June 2012
July-August 2012
September 2012
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