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Riverwatch Middle School

No description

Katherine Carpenter

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Riverwatch Middle School

Riverwatch Middle School
Navigating the River
A Day in the Life of a 6th Grader
7 Class Period Day
Classes last about 50 minutes
Lunch is about 25 minutes

Academic Classes:
Language Arts
Social Studies
Enrichment, Reading Literacy, or Math Literacy
Advanced vs. On Level
Advanced and Horizons are the
same classes
. The difference is simply in how the student is funded by the state. The experience for the student whether titled Advanced or Horizons is the same.

Curriculum in advanced classes cover the
same concepts
as the on level classes.

Advanced classes cover the topics with
greater depth
and have the students explore the concepts through
rigorous extension projects
Advanced Classes
5th Grade Teachers recommend students for advanced classes. Horizons students must take at least one advanced class.

Criteria for advanced is the following:
A Distinguished score on the Georgia Milestone Assessment for the specific subject area
A average in the class
Demonstrates high motivation for the subject area

Parents may waive any student into an advanced class. Waiving students into advanced classes when scoring at a level below exceeding in the subject area and/or students with low motivation is not recommended.
Student Life
Middle School is the time to explore interests outside of the school academic day. RMS offers a variety of clubs for students after school.

Don't see a club that interests you? Start your own!
Need Help?
We want to help you!

Emailing or calling the teacher is always an option. Call us!

We have a comprehensive counseling department. Ms. Densmore is our counselor - (678) 455-7311 extension 300305.

We have a great administrative staff. Mr. James is the 6th grade administrator, and I am always available. Either of us is available at (678) 455- 7311 extension 0.

ITS Learning is a great option for keeping up with classroom activities.

Parent Portal is a great option for keeping up with grades and attendance.
Panther Camp
August 1, 2016 at 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

At least one parent needs to attend with his/her student. Students participate in games as well as team building activities and parents experience orientation activities.

Open House activities are held after the sessions. Please remember to bring your checkbook for agendas, locker fee, PE Uniforms and joining PTSA.

A Day in the Life of a 6th Grader
Connections Classes:
Yearlong Band
Yearlong Chorus
Business and Marketing
Our motto is
“Together we LEAD – Learn, Exceed, Achieve and Dream.”
The mission of Riverwatch Middle School is
to encourage
all students to reach their maximum potential by providing high quality instruction, focusing on 21st century skills, nurturing healthy relationships and community ties, and fostering well-rounded, life-long learners.

RMS believes in developing

happy, healthy, and hardy
students (H3).



environment is one in which positive communication between all stakeholders is a priority so that everyone feels their work is acknowledged and their time is valued.
environment is one in which common goals among all stakeholders are met using a support system, understanding the purpose of work, and nurturing self and others.


environment is one which our resiliency allows us to overcome challenges, is a product of the support from others, and helps us to maintain balance and flexibility.

Support for Students
Morning Help Sessions -
Teachers volunteer their time in the morning (8:00 - 8 45 AM) to help individual students as well as groups of students. If a teacher schedules a help session, please make every effort to attend.

Relearn and Recovery (R and R)
The purpose of relearn and recovery at Riverwatch is to support students in mastering the standards. No two students are alike, so the teacher has the discretion to do what is best for each student.

Student Support Team (SST)
English as Second Language (ESL)

Advance Courses
Language Arts
Social Studies
Accelerated Math
RMS enjoys working with over 1300 students!

In an effort to create a personalized environment, students are assigned to a group of 5 teachers - Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Math and Enrichment.

Team communications and conferences are scheduled with all 5 teachers in order to improve home/school communication.

Throughout the year there are team competitions to promote team and grade level spirit.

6th grade will have 3 teams of 5 teachers in school year 16/17.
Thank you!
In closing, we would like to give you a short view of what it is like to be an RMS Panther. Have a great night!
Advanced and Accelerated Math
All students recommended for advanced math will take a placement test to be considered for accelerated math.
Advanced math
is designed for students who are good math students. Students taking this course will cover all of the 6th grade standards as well as 3 additional standards. The 6th grade standards will involve greater level of rigor and be covered in depth.
Accelerated math
is designed for students who are seeking a high degree of challenge in the area of mathematics. Students taking this course will cover all of the 6th grade advanced topics along with half of the 7th grade math course. Students taking this course need to be highly self motivated in math along with a high level of math achievement.

Johns Creek ES - May , 2016
Sharon ES - May , 2016
Settles Bridge ES - May , 2016
Language Arts
On level language arts: focuses on increasing student reading comprehension and analysis through in class novel studies as well as independent reading based on individual lexile levels. Writing takes place weekly in the classroom to allow opportunities for students to improve their writing style, conventions, and development of ideas by writing about what we are reading. There will be both formally assessed and informally assessed writing pieces. Vocabulary development will be facilitated through the use of Wordly Wise.

Advanced Language Arts follows the same academic standards as on level language arts; however, the classroom is modeled after the state of Georgia’s gifted standards. We expect student in the advanced classes to have a high degree of motivation and intellectual creativity. There will be many opportunities for students to express their knowledge in unique ways. Some areas of content may be explored to a deeper level, such as literary analysis, and teachers expect to see students applying what they have learned to projects, writing, and presentations.

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