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Energy Conversions

Conversion of all nine energy forms

amy smalley

on 15 April 2011

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Transcript of Energy Conversions

Jed is a squirel who lives in a tree with his friend ed the pigeon. Jed powers his tree with solar panels. Jed
The prequel Solar panels consist of many individual solar cells. When these Solar cells are exposed to sun light, positive and negative semiconductors convert the energy from the light into usable electric energy. The energy generated from the photons striking the surface of the solar panel allows electrons to be knocked out of their orbits and released, and electric feilds in the solar cells pull thses free electrons in a directional current,from which metal contacts in the solar cell can generate electricity.
Transfer : light to electric Jed's mortal enemy is Red the mouse. Red hates Jed because Jed has electric car and Red can't afford one. The controller in an electric car takes the power from the batteries and tranfers it to the motor. The controller takes in 300 volts DC froom the battery pack. The controller then converts it into a maiximum of 240 volts AC, 3-phase, to send to the motor. It does this by using very large transisters that rapidly turn the batteries' voltage on and off to create a sine wave. A siganl from a pair of potentiometers (reisisters ), which are hooked to the accelerator pedal, tells the controller how much power to deliver to the electric car's motor.
Transfer : electric to mechancical And so Red was constently coming up with new, interesting ways to try and kill Jed. One of Red's first attempts was when he tried to blow Jed up. Red put a bomb in the horn of Jed's car. Jed is a very angery driver so he uses it a lot. Fortunetly for Jed the bomb was defective because Red had no idea what he was doing. When a horn is pressed an electromagnet is used to make a steel diaphragm to move. When the current is applied to the electromagnet , the diaphragm moves toward the magnet. When the diaphragm is moved to its maximum point toward the the magnet, there is a conection that is released, temporarily dissconecting the current and letting the the steel relax. When this happens, the electromagnet applies a current, again moving the diaphragm toward the magnet. The cylce repeats evenly and causes the diaphragm to move back and forth making the sound that comes from the car horn.
Transfer : mechanical to sound In Red's second attempt he convinced Jed to go to a neclear power plant with him. Red's plan was to give Jed radiation poisoning but that of course didn't work. So when that failed Red tried to pay someone to stab Jed with a glow stick, no one would do it. Heat released during the fission (occurs when an atom splits) reaction is used to convert water into steam which runs a turbine. The turbine turns the alternator which produces electricity to be fed into the power grid.
Transfer : nuclear to electrical The glow stick holds two compounds, Phenyl oxalate ester and a flourescent dye. A vial within the glow stick holds Hydrogen peroxide.When the vial is broken and the Hydrogen peroxide and Phenyl oxalate ester mix it results in a chemical called phenol and an unstable acid ester. The unstable acid ester decomposes and makes more phenol and a cyclic peroxy compound. The cyclic peroxy then decomposes to carbon dioxide. This process of decompotition releases energy to the dye.The atoms jump to a higher level, and then fall back down, releasing the energy in the form of light.
Transfer : Chemical to light By this time Red had grown to hate Jed even more. Not only did Jed have an electric car but he also had a clapper now too. Fortunetly Jed had finally caught on to the fact that Red was trying to kill him. There is a michrophone in the front of the clapper that listens to the surrounding enviroment. Everything that is heard by the microphone is turned into an electrical signal that is sent to a filter to determine what is a clap and what isnt. The filter does this by recognizing sounds that fall between a certain frequency range (typically within 2200 and 2800 hertz) and ignores everything else. When the filter recognizes a clap, it sends a signal one of two electrical switches. Which activate one of the electrical outlets that are plugged into the clapper. The switches are cued to only turn on if they receive a certain number of signals. Two signals will set off the first switch and three will set off the second
Transfer : sound to electrica To get back at Red, Jed had his friend Ed the pigeon give Red a mercury thermometer. On it Jed put a unnoticeable device that made a really really annoying beeping sound to drive Red mad. This beeping eventually made Red crazy. He was sent to an insane asylum. Unfortunetly for Jed, Red broke out but hasnt been seen yet. Heat makes the molecules in the mercury move faster. This makes the mercury expand and move up the tube it is kept in. Where the mercury is on the tube tells how warm or cold it is.
Transfer : Heat to mechanical
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