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Karl Lagerfeld

No description


on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Karl Lagerfeld

Sophie Tang Textiles 11
Karl Lagerfeld Words and quotes that describe the designer: Who influenced their style and fashion? “I like Coco best at the outset of her career, the rebellious, Coco. It is of her in those days that I think when I am creating my collections,” says Lagerfeld

he likes Coco because her lack of convention, perfectionism, uniqueness, passion.

He has taken Chanel’s style further by her tweed costumes and little black dresses. What is/was the general style? tight at at the waist
shows off edgy yet elegance and feminine look What is their educational background and/or training? -After attending a private school, Lagerfeld finished his secondary education and majored in drawing and history

- In 1955, Lagerfeld was 22 and awarded to as Pierre Balmain's apprentice. (won second place in a competition for a coat design)

- 1958, after three years with Balmain, he moved to Jean Patou,( he designed two collections a year for five years. )

-1970, joined fendi, which is an Italian designer of luxury merchandise

-1972, deco collection was worldwide known and by 1983, he moved to Chanel.

- had many collaborations with H&M What trends has the designer influenced? The "KARL WHO?" bag: What colours are/were popular? Pastels What textiles are/were used? new Chanel Pre-Fall 2013 , in Scotland
(heavy knits and plaid patterns ) How has this designer shaped local and global culture? Karl lagerfeld tried to make leather and grungy, hard fabric feel comfortable What clothing parallels can be made to other designers? influenced by Coco Chanel, so often changed looks of the “little black dress” What historical moments occurred in the career of this designer? Hitler was still around ..February 4th 1938 Hitler seizes control of German army & puts Nazi in key posts

1938 April 25 1st use of seeing eye dog

1938 June 17 Japan declares war on China

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criticized Michelle Obama’s new look
physically allergic to flip-flops.
doesn't want others to touch his hands Coco Chanel -looks baggy but really form-fitting (Rachel Bilson) Box jacket with denim mini skirts: black fishnet body-stockings with Chanel branding over the chest: Black and white Leather Metallic fabrics wool, tweed and pearls Leather accents Leather shorts and Leather leggings Original worn by Coco Chanel Karl little black dress collection 3 & 4 Born in 1938.. Works cited Paris Fashion Week - Chanel Spring/Summer 2009 Fashion Show (Karl Lagerfeld). Digital image. Zimbio. Zimbio, 2009. Web. 26 Feb. 2013. <http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/zwqZnpsYxDw/Paris+Fashion+Week+Chanel+Spring+Summer+2009/AlnMNgOESiL/Karl+Lagerfeld>.

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