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Post It Review

No description

Zohura Choudhury

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Post It Review

Eliminate up to 2 answer choices
5 tokens = 1 elimination
10 tokens = 2 eliminations
Game modes:
Post It Review
Trivial Study Guide
What we do
Post- It review is a mobile application that combines schoolwork with trivia review games. Users can test themselves or compete against their peers in head to head matchups. We believe that this application could potentially be bigger than trivia crack and other competitors because it provides its users with incentives to better themselves academically and financially

Post It Review:
The Application
4 Modes of Studying fun where users can bet on their knowledge!
Individual Quiz:
Group Battle:

Questions are generated through the business
Users are able to submit questions
Submitted questions are vetted by company
Submitted questions = tokens
Each question is multiple choice with four possible answers
Users can eliminate up to 2 answer choices

Tokens can be used to activate special power-ups:
- shorten the time limit for their friend (10 sec/token)
- bomb to eliminate an answer (2 max)
- add an answer choice to their friends list of answers (max 1 question)
They can be earned over time by submitting questions (and having them approved) the player will also have to chance to purchase them.

Bet on yourself (Gain 25% of what you bet)
Can only bet above a passing grade (70%)
Head-to-head betting (get 80% of whole pool)
Group betting (1st place 65%, 2nd place 15%, 3rd place wins money back)
Can bet between $1-$5

Business Profit
Gains 20% of total pool of money
Advertisement free version $1.29
Players buy tokens:
$1.00 = 5 tokens
Group Pool:
-Play in groups against
one another
-Vote on which answer is
-Correct answers gain points
corresponding with the game
- Individual Quiz
- Head-to-Head
- Group pool
- Group battle
- Players can quiz themselves on the material covered in class.
- Users can also earn points based on correct answers, these points can then be used to get tokens.
- Users also have a betting option
- Players are able to challenge their friends.
- There are two ways:
1) Wage money between each other.
2) Wage points
- Group vs. Group
- Each member selects what they think is the right answer, whichever answer is chosen the most by the members is what the groups answer will be.
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