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Fairy Tale

assignment for my tech class

Yilei Dong

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Fairy Tale

“Okay, it’s time to go to the dance. You don’t want to be late,” called Reyna’s stepmother, as they got loaded into the car. “And remember, you girls can decide who should dance with Louis when you girls get there.”
As the car pulled over to the parking lot, Louis was standing outside the entrance to the cafeteria.
“Louis, choose who to dance with, now!” ordered Jessica, as her mom’s car pulled away. However, the decision took Louis awhile to decide.
“I choose Reyna,” Louis finally said, which made Jen and Jessica surprised.
“But I can’t dance with you-” Reyna began, but Louis cut her off. “Hey, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself last week, but my name is Maxwell, but please call me Max. What is yours?” The boy asked.
“Er- Reyna,” Reyna said uneasily. She was quite surprised by Max’s introduction.
From that day on, Reyna and Max became best friends. For the first time, Reyna felt like she had one true friend. However, Reyna knew how much Jen and Jessica liked Max too, but she was just only friends with him. As time went on, Reyna began to realize how cool and funny Max was. She really enjoyed being with him. Once upon a time, a wealthy mother hoped for a son and daughter she could love for. And they turned out to be what the mother hoped for. The son and daughter were both twins. They lived a happy life, until a horrible fate struck their family. Sadly, an earthquake took the lives of their parents and wanted their only son and daughter to be saved. Because of the earthquake, the kids were raised in separate families. Reyna's Story Period 4 by Yilei Dong Jen and Jessica were both nice to each other, but also disagreed on a lot of things. Since Reyna was the one who was supposed to do most of the chores, they laughed at Reyna all day long. Even as Reyna would be teased, she always found something happy in her life, in which her step sisters couldn't. One day, as Reyna just walked into her classroom, she noticed a boy sitting next to her seat. It looked like he was brand new to the school. The boy seemed familiar, but Reyna just couldn’t figure out where she saw the boy or who the boy was. After class, Jen and Jessica tried to get the new boy to talk to them, but the boy just walked away. However, Reyna found it strange how the new boy kept on staring at her. “This boy probably likes me,” Reyna thought, as she continued on to her next class.
For almost a week, the boy just stared at Reyna, but they never talked to each other.
“This boy does not talk to me, but he certainly does look very cute,” Reyna thought as she walked passed the lockers. The boy who kept on staring at Reyna looked kind of preppy, and cute. He seemed to liked to read, as Reyna constantly saw him sitting under a tree at lunch, with a book in his hands. From the corner of her eye, Jessica was trying to talk to the boy as her face blushed like a bouquet of roses. Typical Jessica. Her step sister would always try to impress boys like this. “Hey, I’m sorry I forgot to introduce myself last week, but my name is Louis. What is yours?” The boy asked, as Reyna walked into class the next morning.
“Er- Reyna,” Reyna said uneasily. She was quite surprised by Louis’ introduction.
From that day on, Reyna and Louis became best friends. For the first time, Reyna felt like Louis too, but she was just only friends with him. As time went on, Reyna began to realize how cool and funny Louis was. She really enjoyed being with him. It was a Saturday morning and Reyna decided to go outside to admire the beautiful mountains below their house. The warm sunshine was relaxing too and Reyna fell asleep. It was until she felt a splash of water on her face.
“Gotcha! Wanna play?” Louis asked as he was standing in front of Reyna.
“Oh my gosh Louis!” Reyna shouted. “You scared me.”
“Well, it shouldn’t be too long for us to play in this meadow before lunch.”
As Reyna and Louis were having fun playing, Jessica peeked through the bushes. She wasn’t happy that Louis was having a lot of fun with Reyna. Silently, she told Jen to take a look. Immediately, Jen felt a pain of envy for Reyna. They were jealous that Louis liked Reyna more than he liked Jen and Jessica. However, Jen and Jessica were both fighting over Louis. “Bye, Louis. See you tomorrow,” said Reyna as it was time for lunch. Louis waved with a quick goodbye and hurried off to his house. As Reyna hurried off to her house, her path was quickly blocked by Jessica.
“I want to know what have you been doing with Louis,” asked Jessica firmly. “Don’t tell me that you are on date, for Louis is my boy!”
“No, I’m-I’m just friends with him,” Reyna stuttered.
“Very well, and you will be in trouble when you come in,” said Jessica firmly as she ran back to the house. Reyna knew she was in trouble. As she walked into the house, there was her stepmother with a resentful look on her face. Reyna’s step sisters snickered as she uneasily walked to the dining table.
“I never thought you’d get engaged in the type of relationship with Louis-,” Reyna’s stepmother began sternly, as her voice trailed off followed by a knock on the door. The mailbox had the flag raised up, and Jen went to get the mail. Inside, it said: “You are invited to the annual dance party at Oaks Middle School.”
“I want to go!” Jessica screamed. “I’m dancing with Louis!”
“No, I called him first! I get to dance with him,” Jen argued. “And you, Reyna, are so not going to dance with Louis.”
“Okay, I leave for you two to decide,” Reyna’s stepmother broke in. “Louis will have his preference, but Reyna, you cannot dance with him as this ruins the reputation for my daughters.” This made Reyna angry. It already had been a long time when Reyna and Louis knew each other as friends, and now her stepmother was not going to let her at least be with Louis. As Reyna went to sleep, she began to dream, but it wasn’t a nice one like she had every night. In this dream, it took place in a luxurious-looking room. Reyna was still a toddler, and sitting happily in her mom’s lap as she sang Reyna a sweet lullaby. On the floor, was sitting another child quietly playing with his toys. When the boy looked at Reyna, his eyes brought back the sense of Louis. Then, the scene shifted as there was trembling in the earth. 2 familiar-looking people pleaded for their only daughter to be saved, as the 2 people’s cries died away, their house shook. Reyna woke up with a start. She realized that the parents that Reyna lived with were not her real ones. Her parents died in an earthquake when Reyna was 2. Angry, Reyna wasn’t very happy to realize that her step mom never revealed the secret that she was not her real daughter. However, Reyna couldn’t understand why the boy who looked like Louis was in her dream. Reyna kept on thinking about her dream as she shuffled to the bathroom, getting herself ready for the day. Reyna couldn’t wait for the dance party to start at her school, but the dream she had weighed on her like a rock. She got dressed and went downstairs. “Just come on, enjoy the dance. Jen and Jessica are not the most important right now. Forget about them, okay?” Louis urged. Reyna hesitated and glanced over at Jen and Jessica. Then, Reyna took a breath and started to relax as she danced to the rhythm of the music. Jen and Jessica were left sitting by the steps glaring at Reyna and Louis dancing. Angrily, they both got out their cell phones and trudged to the exit.
“You know why I chose you?” Louis asked, once they left.
“Why?” Reyna was willing to know.
“It’s because you are my sister. When we were both little, we lived in the same family, had the same parents. It was not until the earthquake happened. Our parents sacrificed themselves to save both of us. After that, we were orphans. For safety reasons, we were separated. My step mom told me all of this. She sent me to this school, so I could still meet up with you,” Louis explained. The End! The girl was named Reyna. When she was 2, she began to live with another family. Reyna’s step sisters, Jen and Jessica, hated Reyna when they first saw her. Now, Reyna’s new family was jealous of how Reyna came from a rich family, for their family wasn't as rich. Reyna’s new family never wanted to reveal the secret that they were not her true parents, because they feared that Reyna would soon figure out the truth. “So the dream I had last night...you were that familiar boy I saw in my dream, and I am your sister,” Reyna said astonishingly “I never knew you were my brother. I don’t think I will ever get over the fact that we both lost our parents, I mean like why did this happen?”
“Reyna, stop thinking about the past. The past is not important as the present. Move forward in life. There are plenty of better stuff ahead of your life. Just because we lost our parents in that earthquake, you can’t just feel sad about that forever. I admit your step sisters gave you a hard time, but at least, we met. My stepmother will get both of us after the party. Trust me, I've got everything taken care of."
“Okay, then let’s dance.” And they both started dancing as another song began on the radio.
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