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Do You Know The Monkey Man?

No description

Grace Nolan

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of Do You Know The Monkey Man?

Do You Know The Monkey Man?

The novel “Do You Know the Monkey Man?” is primarily a suspense mystery novel about conflict. Samantha experiences internal conflict as she suddenly becomes extremely determined to find her father. For instance, she constantly has to explain to her best friend that she must, against all odds, find out what happened to her father and her twin sister. Her best friend tries to persuade Sam to give up the search because it’s all to “weird” and she might not like her dad once she finds him; if she finds him. She doesn’t have any support from her mother because her mother wants to desperately move on with her life and forget the past. Samantha feels no one really understands this personal need she has to bring closure to this chapter in her life. There are several conflicts that submerge throughout the novel, but the one central and main conflict that motivates Samantha to keep on looking for answers is the need to find her father and to solve the mystery of her twin sister’s death. Did Sarah really drown? They never found her body and the psychic told Sam, her sister must be alive? Why did her dad stop contacting her? Where has he been for ten years? Who can Samantha turn to for answers? With great artistic talent, the author Dori Hillestad Butler, weaves events and characters into an integrated ball of suspense, and although Samantha keeps finding a window of hope, finding the truth seems almost impossible to her.

This novel "Do You Know the Monkey Man?" By Dori Hillestad Butler is about 13 year-old Samantha Wright who had supposedly lost her twin sister when she drown at the old Clearwater Quarry when they were three, and who’s parents got divorced shortly after and now her mom wanted her fiancé, Bob to adopt her after the wedding. But she didn’t want that. She hadn’t seen her dad since, and she wanted more information, she wanted to know if he was still out there or if he wanted to hear from her ever again? She wouldn’t talk about it with her mother because, well, how could she? So after inquiring to everyone who lived in the town of Clearwater she decided that what she needed to do was go to a physic. Her and Angela, her best friend rode their bikes to Madame Madeline, a physic who lived just outside of Clearwater. When Sam gave the physic her hand she told Sam some pretty strange stuff, she told her that she felt that Sarah, Sam’s twin sister was “very much still alive”. But Sam could remember a little bit about the day she died and the funeral, so how could she still be alive? Sam thought about it and decided it couldn’t be possible; the physic must be a fake. But the more she thought about it the more questions she had and the more curious she got. She started snooping around in boxes downstairs to see if she could get anymore information on the whole Sarah situation, she found articles saying about how “the search for her body continues” and so on, so maybe she wasn’t dead, after all if they never found the body it wasn’t for certain. Finally Sam got the guts to ask her mother about it she admitted that they had never found the body, but said that it was impossible for her to still be alive, but Sam had to disagree. Now she absolutely had to find her father, so she used her friend’s computer and e-mail address behind her mother’s back to find a detective to find the right Joseph Wright. Within two days the online detective had it narrowed down to three different Joseph Wright’s it could be. She called the first one, he wasn’t it, he was dead and couldn’t have had kids anyways, so she called the next Joseph Wright who lived in Minnesota, nobody answered the phone but as soon as she heard the message she recognized his voice. She had to find him. So as luck should have it Angela was going to Minnesota over the weekend to visit her dad. The only problem was that her Sam’s mom’s bridal shower was that weekend, so Sam snuck off and told Angela that her mom said it was okay when really she wasn’t allowed. When they got to Angela’s dad’s house Sam got busted by her mom and she had to leave to go straight home in the morning, but, when the morning arrived instead of getting the bus back to Clearwater, Iowa she took the bus to the Mall of America and walked to where the second Joseph Wright lived from there. She and Angela waited at the park for hours for someone to come home and finally a girl with blond hair like Sam’s and her dad’s walked up to the house door with a key. Sam tried to explain to her what was happening, though “T.J” didn’t believe it because not all parts of the puzzle fit together so well. Could T.J be Sarah who drowned in the quarry?

In this book there are a few different themes, but I think the major theme is that if you believe you can, you will as long as you don’t give up and stay open-minded. What this means to me is that if you really want to do something or if you really want something, if you are willing to give everything you’ve got to get it most times you will succeed. You just have to believe in yourself and not look back you have to get what you’ve came for. This theme was reveled through Sam mostly because she even said a few times about how she is optimistic, and believes and thinks about all the good things that could happen, where as Angela is very pessimistic and she never believes that good things can happen. The main plot even reveals this statement because the whole entire book is about how Sam strongly believes that how dad is out there and maybe even her sister so she gets her information and arranges a complicated and troublesome plan but goes through with it and in the end she got the answers to her questions.

Samantha Wright is the main character of the story. She is a thirteen year old girl and she is going through a difficult time accepting that she will soon have a new dad while her real dad is still living but, she doesn’t know what ever happened to him. She is searching for answers about what happened to her twin sister when she was three and why has her father not contacted her since she was six. Her mother is about to be married and Samantha feels that her mother is more concerned about plans for their new life and not about Sam’s feelings in regards to her father and sister. So, she strongly believes her father would understand her better. These thoughts about her father send Sam on a journey like no other.
“Do you know the monkey man?” Takes place in Clearwater, Iowa, a typical suburb of any city in the United States. However, because Samantha is searching for her father, part of the story also takes place in Hill Valley, Minnesota and Richland, Minnesota.
Samantha Wright
13 year old Sam Wright
Iowa and Minnesota
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