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War by Jack London

No description

courtney stone

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of War by Jack London

Courtney Stone
Kali Noel
Andrew Dean WAR Summary
A scout arrives at a stream and sees a bearded man and planned to shoot him. He decides not to, and lets the bearded man leave. Later when the scout is at a farmhouse a group of enemy cavalry men arrive and he take off, with them shooting him. All of them miss, except for the bearded man he had seen earlier, who carefully aims, and kills the scout with one shot Unheeded- ignored or disregarded Compulsory- required Pungent- strong smell or taste Repugnant- offense distasteful unscathed- unharmed MAn vs Man
One man is a scout and he decides not to shoot an enemy soldier. Point of view
The story is in third person limited point of view. Someone else is narrating the story about the main character only. Exposition: The scout is riding through the
woods and fields searching for
enemy soldiers Rising Action: The scout sees a ginger-colored bearded enemy soldier at a stream but decides to let him live. Later he goes to a farmhouse and enemy soldiers go to the farmhouse too Climax: The enemy soldiers are chasing the scout on horseback while shooting at him except for the bearded soldier he spared earlier, who carefully aims Falling Action: The bearded soldier fires 1 shot, hitting the scout,
killing him. Resolution: The enemy soldiers praise the
bearded man, and laugh at the apples that
fall out of the scout's bag. Define: protagonist/antagonist
the scout is the protagonist.
the bearded man is the antagonist. Theme: Civil War FLASHBACK
The scout remembers the enemy he didn't shoot, is the one that shot him. Setting
The wooded area and farm house in the civil war era. TONE:
tense :D
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