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Tim Tebow Through My Eyes

No description

Kirston Warren

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Tim Tebow Through My Eyes

Tim Tebow
Through My Eyes By: Tim Tebow Kirston W. CHARACTERS Tim Tebow Robert and Pam Tebow Robby and Peter Tebow Christy and Katie Tebow Urban Meyers PLOT Setting Critique Audience -Religious people
-Anyone who wants to learn more
about Tebow's experiences Rating -Religious
-Hard Worker
-Inspiring -Religious -Missionaries
-Caring -Good Parents -Helpful
-Role Models -Minor Characters
-Very close to Tim -Inspired Tim
-Good coach
-Pushes his players Strengths -stayed on subject
-Bible verses related
-well written Weaknesses -talked a lot about statistics
-more in depth about high school career
-explained more football terms CONFLICT Theme Anything is possible with God
Perseverance can get you anywhere
Use the gifts God gives you
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