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No description

L Carels

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of VENUS versus MARS

Mars Venus vs Mars has 2 more moons than Venus Mars' day is 462.82 Earth Venus is 5318.6 km Venus can be +377 degrees Mars' year is longer than Venus' . Mars and Venus have very different surface materials. Venus is 119735349 km closer Phobos and Deimos. wider than Mars. by 462.3 Earth days. Celsius more than Mars. Mars is very dry and dirty and has iron oxide. Its atmosphere is co2, nitrogen and argon.
Venus has tons of volcanoes which has formed 50 +
regions. Its atmosphere is co2 and sulfuric acid. It has so much co2 it causes a greenhouse effect. to the sun than Mars days longer than Venus'. So Venus is ALOT warmer! Pictures of Mars and Venus. . Venus Mars
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