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Kayla S

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Surgeons

When a soldier was shot, the surgeon was their worst fear because the image of surgeons was pictured as a butcher in a bloody apron who chopped off limbs.
Equipment & Supplies
Surgeons had no control over the supplies. They were dirty and infected. After being used, they were never cleaned which is disgusting. Bandages, medicines, and ambulances were miles away on roads stuck with other men and different wagons. Even worse, there were never enough surgeons.
Surgeons Of the civil war
By: Kayla, Connor, Jenna, and Mikinlee
The wounds mostly turned into infections because of the surgeons dirty hands, and unclean tools. Instead of pus being a sign of infection, they thought it was a sign of healing. The most common wounds were from the bullets. When it hit the bone, the majority of the bone would shatter into pieces. From that, wounds would tend to develop gangrene, so removing a limb would normally save the patient's life.
When the civil war was going on, people would normally leave their houses if it was close to the field. nurses would then turn them into hospitals for the injured people in the war. Houses were not the only care centers for the soldiers. They would also use army tents, barns, and churches near by.
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