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No description

Arianne Dellovo

on 6 May 2011

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Transcript of Antigone

Antigone Written by Sophocles (496 B.C. - 406 B.C.) Sophocles was a very famous Greek playwrite. He was extremely conservative and often wrote about the pain and suffering caused when an individual defies fate or authority and instead obeys his own inner will. The play Antigone is categorized as a Greek Tragedy. What do you think of when you think of the word "tragedy"? In the simplest of terms, a tragedy is defined as a play about the downfall of a dignified character, called a tragic hero. A TRAGIC HERO
Inherently good
In a position of high stature (nobility/celebrity/political)
Responsible for their own fate
Possesses a tragic flaw
Makes a serious error in judgement
Falls from greatness
Realizes they have made an irreversible mistake
Faces and accepts punishment with honor
The audience is affected by pity and fear Can you think of any modern day tragic heroes? This tragedy features a king and a princess; either one could be viewed as the tragic hero. It will be up to you to decide! Before we begin reading, you'll need a little background:
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