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lis lab3

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Neel,Jacob,Warren

These giants have straight, smooth trunks without many branches.
The Tropical Rainforest has four levels of towering trees. Many amazing creatures reside in this biome.
Emergent Layer
Emergent trees are 100 to 240 feet tall and are spaced very wide apart. They have small, pointed leaves because they are exposed to a lot of drying winds.
Upper Canopy: 3
The upper canopy trees stand 60 to 130 feet tall. The top of this level is battered with sunlight, while the lower level gets very little sunlight.
Forest Floor
Many of the rainforest animals live in this level because there is lots of food available. There is also quite enough water because the leaves have drip spouts that allow water to run off into the leaves below them and keep on going.
The forest floor is shaded almost completely except where a huge tree has fallen and left an opening. It is so shaded that in most areas almost nothing can grow and because of this a person could walk through the floor of the forest very easily.
Rainforests are located in places such as South America, Africa, Indo-Malaysia and Queensland, Australia.The rainforest is home to many creatures some, are undiscovered some that we do know about like Birds, Monkeys, Insects, Jaguars, Frogs, and Lizards.
Understory: 2
The understory is the lower canopy, it contains 60 foot tall trees. There is little air movement and because of this the humidity is often off the charts high.

Our conclusion is that rainforests are an amazing biome.
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