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Joseph goes to Egypt

No description

Anthony Bigney

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Joseph goes to Egypt

The Joseph Cycle
Joseph goes to Egypt
Who was Joseph
The Israelites move to Egypt
Joseph finds success (somewhat) in Egypt
Read Gn. 41
Joseph and Pharaoh
Read Gn. 42
Joseph's family is reunited
All good in the 'hood? Read Ex. 1:1-14
Joseph is the son of Jacob & Rachel
Jacob had two wives: Rachel & Leah
Leah had many children with Jacob, while Rachel was childless for a long time
Gn. 30:22-24
"Joseph" means "May He add" because Rachel says "May he add another son to me"
Read Gn. 35:23ff
Read the story of Joseph's being sold into slavery in Gn. 37
What do you think of Reuben?
What would you be thinking if you were Joseph?
Do you remember God's promise to Jacob?
Joseph finds favor with Potiphar - an Egyptian official close with Pharaoh - and is given a lot of power within Potiphar's household
Read Gn. 39 - Joseph and Potiphar's wife
What were the qualities of Joseph you admire? Why was he so successful? Why, do you think, God allowed him to be jailed?
"Magicians" could better be thought of as "Psychics" or "Fortune Tellers"
Joseph's wisdom made him very powerful in Egypt
He was given Pharaoh's signet ring - a ring that would be used to seal all the official documents of Pharaoh
Vizier - Seal-bearer of the king of Lower Egypt
Why do you think Joseph wanted to see Benjamin?
Was it just for Joseph to put his brothers in prison for three days?
What qualities of Joseph do you like? Are there qualities you dislike?
The move to Egypt sets up the next part of the story: the Exodus out of Egypt.
This will be our topic for the rest of the semester.
Joseph's family is reunited
First the older brothers come
Benjamin joins them next
The Patriarch Cycles
Wife (Sarah) is barren until God intervenes
Younger son (Isaac) gets the blessing from God
Wife (Rebekah) is barren until God intervenes
Younger son (Jacob) receives blessing
Wife, Rachel, is barren until God intervenes
2nd Youngest son, Joseph, shows God's blessing
Gn. 42
Gn. 43
Gn. 45
Theological Lessons of Joseph Cycle
What do we learn about God?
God is faithful to his promise. He says "I will be with you wherever you go" and is with Joseph even in Egypt
God can make good out of an evil situation - Joseph is enslaved, Joseph is wrongly imprisoned, and God still made His plan work
God blesses and works through the wise - and the first sign of wisdom is fear of the Lord - Joseph is wise and God makes him successful and powerful
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