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7:2 Body Planes, Directions, Cavities

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Serina Bansraj

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of 7:2 Body Planes, Directions, Cavities

7:2 Body Planes, Directions & Cavities
After completing this section, you should be able to:
Label the names of the planes and the directional terms related to these planes on a diagram of the three planes of the body
Label a diagram of the main body cavities
Identify the main organs located in each body cavity
Locate the nine abdominal regions
Define, pronounce, and spell all key terms
Related Health Careers
Anything where there is a need to know about the body and health
Key Terms
Abdominal Cavity
Abdominal Regions
Body Cavities
Body Planes
Buccal Cavity
Caudal (kaw'-doll)
Cranial (kray'-nee-al)
Cranial Cavity
Dorsal Cavity
Frontal (Coronal) Plane
Key Terms
Lateral (lat'-eh-ral)
Medial (me'dee-al)
Midsagittal (Median) Plane (mid-saj'-ih-tahl)
Nasal Cavity
Orbital Cavity
Pelvic Cavity
Proximal (prox'-ih-mahl)
Spinal Cavity
Thoracic Cavity (tho-rass'-ik)
Transverse Plane
Ventral Cavity
Assignment Sheets
Abdomimal Cavities
Body Cavities
Body Planes
Body planes are imaginary lines that are used to separate the body into sections
The three main body planes are the transverse plane, midsagittal plane, and the frontal plane
The two main cavities are the dorsal and ventral cavities
Body Cavities are spaces in the body that contain vital organs
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Body Planes
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