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cstorestudio Semester 2012

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of THE FUTURE OF C-STORES

The habit of purchasing goods or services with consideration of their personal, communal, and global impact
A comprehensive awareness of a product's origin, quality, process, and impact.
Sharing and forming of cultures and identities across the globe and local communities A mutual and reciprocal exchange. 2 EXPERIENCE 4 ACCOUNTABILITY 3 TRANSPARENCY 5 LOCALIZATION 1 INTERACTION "It has been the focus of Capitol Hill hearings, state legislative action, grass-roots projects, and a U.S. Forest Service initiative to get more children into the woods and a national effort to promote a 'green hour' in each day."

Children & Nature Network "The wild world we love is fast disappearing. At Patagonia, we think that business can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis. This means that what we make and how we make it must cause the least harm to the environment. We evaluate raw materials, invest in innovative technologies, and rigorously police our waste. We also use a portion of our sales to support grassroots groups working to make a real difference."

Patagonia Inc. Patagonia has a number of environmental campaigns including Our Common Waters, The Footprint Chronicles, I Vote the Environment, and Common Threads to further their mission: "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis".

Patagonia More people are walking or biking rather than driving. Stores with pedestrian and bike-friendly design are valued by customers. 1.1 Human "Intelligentsia Coffee's buying philosophy is not very complicated. We believe in coffee quality and have made a commitment to our customers to offer only truly dazzling Specialty Coffees that speak for themselves in the cup. We believe that to get such coffees we need to work closely with actual producers, not just importers or exporters, so that we can build great coffees from the very start."

Intelligentsia Coffee, website 1.4 Social Media Direct observation of or participation in events as a basis of knowledge Apple Employee's uniform consists of a t-shirt. They are able to have fun and act "unprofessional". When they talk to customers, it isn't from across a desk, but next to them at a table blurring the boundary between the customer and employee. 2.1 Lifestyle 2.2 Play "Though a radically different kind of setting for a home, the third place is remarkably similar to a good home in the psychological comfort and support that it extends…They are the heart of a community’s social vitality, the grassroots of democracy"

Ray Oldenburg, urban sociologist The Everyday "Americans love to eat. And Americans love to shop. But we don't like to shop for food. It's a chore, like doing laundry. Whole Foods thinks shopping should be fun. With this store, we're pioneering a new lifestyle that synthesizes health and pleasure. We don't see a contradiction"

-John Mackney, founder of Whole Foods "Whole Foods isn't selling food, they're selling life"

-Phil Lempert, supermarket guru, 2011 Third Place Product Playground "When consumers go shopping in person, they increasingly expect something that they can't get online: a compelling spectacle, exclusive products, the ability to test and feel things, or learning how to use products.

Trend Watching Retail Safari Showroom "After a culture of cover-ups and nondisclosure comes transparency, accountability, unrestricted access to information and a flood of honest, user-generated feedback. Rising concern about everything from government and corporate secrecy to global warming and health has left people skeptical and aware. The informed citizen wants openness on all levels – from international government down to their local farmer. We are all adapting to the idea that there’s nowhere to hide, with open-salary practices and an internet that never forgets."

Global Influences Media Network Extra Unexpected "Every branch is being re-imagined as a flagship store, incorporating elements of storytelling and entertainment alongside hands-on product demos and interactive displays. These details bring a level of discovery and education to the shopping experience, making every visit feel more like an event than a transaction"

-PSFK "Creating a physical place for customers to experience the product amid inspiring and motivational messages appears to be well received with sales reportedly up by 10 percent. Though the campaign may appear costly, Kraft says they 'got a lot more out of the cafe than we put into it - worth every penny and more' "

Springwise "People in the Saxony region carry a special engineering gene in their hearts and minds," VW representative Christian Haacke tells us before guiding us on a tour of the factory. "It took a lot of time and patience for locals to be convinced this was a good idea, but for us, transparency was a metaphor. We had to be truly credible to the bone."

Popular Mechanics Magazine Spectacle "Consumers are becoming more conscious of their health, the environment, and treatment of their fellow workers and how the brands they patronize score on all counts. Companies that use unhealthy or environmentally unsafe ingredients or materials, utilize wasteful or energy-inefficient processes or mistreat workers in this or other countries - suffer consumer backlash. In the past few years, calls for transparency have reached a fever pitch, with consumers’ voices growing louder and louder via social media."

Trendwatch "Provenance and heritage give brands an edge and people a sense of pride. As ‘the world’s local bank’ HSBC puts it: ‘Never underestimate the value of local knowledge’. Local craft, storytelling and specialties will become a commodity. New communities or ‘tribes’ will be formed based on shared values and lifestyle sets – even trading local currencies. Employing global connectivity and social media applications, these tribes can communicate globally in viral loops, absorbing new regional flavors and sharing knowledge."

Kjaer Global Adidas Interactive
Dresden "The window displays a “fully functioning virtual store with life-size products” where shoppers can point and drag items onto virtual mannequins to see how it would look. In addition, users can also drag the products directly to their smartphone, which acts as a shopping cart. The user would receive a one-time security PIN to check out the items and even share the purchase with friends over social media or e-mail."

PSFK on Adidas's Interactive Storefront The general store was not only a retail outlet, it served to support the local community not just in economic fashion but as a center of social interaction and identity. The modern convenience store, often a chain store or franchise, offers convenience over identity, and little opportunity for socializing.

New World Encyclopedia 1.2 Product "It's still the fastest way to pay, track your Stars, and reload your Starbucks card...you can check your balance, reload your card with any major credit, view your transactions and conveniently track your Stars in the My Starbucks Rewards program on your iPhone, iPod Touch or Android. Just scan and go!"

Starbucks Corporation Starbucks Smartphone Application "Stores specializing in niche items, such as tea, vinegars, spices and cheese, are flourishing in areas where the foodie culture has firmly taken hold. These types of specialty food shops 'are part of an $8 billion industry that has been listed among the top five hot retail sectors for startups' according to an Austin Business Journal story by Vicky Garza 'Such stores will see an estimated revenue growth rate of 2.3 percent this year"

New Orleans City Business Magazine, August 2012 "People’s number one reason for coming to Yogurtland is the in-store experience,’ said Scott Shoemaker, director of product development. ‘It’s do-it-yourself—pick your own flavors and as many toppings as you want"

The Food Channel Apple Store
“It’s the perfect time-saver - you’ll be able to reserve key pieces, receive invites to exclusive previews, and it’s free of charge!”

Topshop Topman, London UK 3.1 Origin
& Quality INTELLIGENTSIA coffee 1.3 Technology 3.2 Process VOLKSWAGEN factory 3.3 Impact PATAGONIA clothing 2.3 Delight Maxwell House Optimism Cafe, Toronto 4.1 Connection to Nature Bike Racks and Pedestrian Oriented Design 4.2 Community Engagement Whole Foods Community Table
Facebook 5.3 Local Icon Findlay Market Topshop Topman,
London UK 4.3 Environmental Responsibility By adding solar panels to their canopy, using a geothermal well for heating and cooling, and switching to LED lights, this Chevron ExtraMile convenience store in Beaverton, Oregon is net-zero in terms of electricity and has even built up energy credit with Portland General Electric, by generating more energy than what it uses, including an electric vehicle charging station. They estimate that they save around $25,000 a year in Electric costs.

Convenience Store News 2.4 Specialization Exclusive Try-vertising “Our philosophy in social media has been to bring our voice to the medium, which includes acting like a good party guest — we bring something to the table, and we listen more than we talk. We think that the fans of any brand want to know about product and like offers too, but they also want to have an emotional connection -– we’re trying to be a good host for that connection.”

Geoff Cottrill, Chief Marketing Officer Respect for Local Cultures
`"We remain highly respectful of the culture and traditions of the countries in which we do business. We recognize that our success is not an entitlement, and we must continue to earn the trust and respect of customers every day.”

Starbucks Corporation With its focus on local culture, arts and movies, this two-storey 6,000 square feet Starbucks store is decorated with photos of local people taken on the streets showing their day-to-day stories, old movie posters and contemporary art that reflects the living heritage of old Hong Kong. Movie plays a crucial role in the local culture and is the essential element for Sai Yee Street’s Starbucks. It houses a mini theatre and offers regular seminars (free of charge to the public) by the Hong Kong Film Archive as a platform for cultural exchange.

Style Canvas 2.5 Temporal Eastern Market is far more than a market. It is a community hub for the Capitol Hill neighborhood and a cultural destination for visitors from around the world.

Eastern Market "Social media has played a large role in not only making the trucks more accessible, but allowing them to cultivate the crucial element of a community"

-Moe Min, Taco Truck Enthusiast Yogurtland,
Fullerton 5.2 Local Identity 5.1 Local Origin Pop-up Shop Food Truck "Madison, WI strategically placed bike racks outside many of their businesses in the downtown area and saw a 3% overall increase in sales tax revenues in the areas where they deployed the new bike racks."

Marin County Bicycle Coalition Guidelines for Eating Well
If not LOCALLY PRODUCED, then Organic. This is one of the most readily available alternatives in the market and making this choice protects the environment and your body from harsh chemicals and hormones.If not ORGANIC, then Family farm. When faced with Kraft or Cabot cheeses, Cabot, a dairy co-op in Vermont, is the better choice. Supporting family farms helps to keep food processing decisions out of the hands of corporate conglomeration.If not FAMILY FARM, then Local business. Basics like coffee and bread make buying local difficult. Try a local coffee shop or bakery to keep your food dollar close to home.If not a LOCAL BUSINESS, then Terroir, which means 'taste of the Earth'. Purchase foods famous for the region they are grown in and support the agriculture that produces your favorite non-local foods such as Brie cheese from Brie, France or parmesan cheese from Parma, Italy.Hit the farmers' market before the supermarket. Plan your meal around local ingredients you find at the market.

locavores.com "With gas prices spiking, people are concerned about our dependence on petroleum," says Locavores co-founder Jessica Prentice. "Why import apples from New Zealand when we can grow them nearby?

Time Magazine Starbucks Coffee Eastern Market "Since we opened [about two weeks ago], we have had absolutely the most amazing reception from the customers that I have seen in this industry," Barman said. "The customers love our new store and love ExtraMile. It fits in with the community." Findlay Market is Ohio's oldest continuously operated public market and one of Cincinnati's most cherished institutions

Findlay Market is a gathering place for people from all over the city. It routinely attracts perhaps the most socially, economically, racially, and ethnically diverse crowds found anywhere in Cincinnati.

Findlay Market FUTURE of C-STORES 4.4 Transportation What could future c-stores be? Express the process behind their goods and services Inform consumers about the impact of their processes and services Stand by what they sell The Paris Disney Village store reflects the rich local culture and takes a playful, storybook approach and incorporates reused local materials such
-The exterior wooden cladding made from reclaimed Champagne racks.
-The walk-off entrance mats were made with recycled rubber from French aircraft tires.
-The wood is from used barrels reclaimed from the French wine industry.
-Chairs previously used in other stores have been reupholstered instead of being sent to a landfill.
-The café chairs were found locally in France and given a new home with us.

Starbucks Corporation "It's the social aspect...It's really about shared experiences around food. I think what we're doing with Twitter is an electronic version of that share"

-Ken Lao, Rickshaw Food Truck Owner Maxwell House Optimism Cafe, Toronto Canada www.brewsomegood.ca Maxwell House Optimism Cafe, Toronto Canada Yogurtland, Fullerton California Yogurtland, Fullerton California Topshop Topman Flagship Store, London England Topshop Topman Flagship Store, London England Whole Foods Whole Foods, Chicago Illinois Whole Foods Sweetery, New York City Kabob n' Roll, Los Angelos California Roaming Hunger App Have a positive environmental impact Enrich their neighborhood Create environments that incorporate nature Accommodate alternative forms of transportation Bike Racks, Wisconsin, 2011 Bike Racks, Wisconsin, 2012 The Bike Hanger, Seoul, Korea, 2012 Kaa, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010 Whole Foods' "community table" space can vary based on the location, to meet community needs. At the Chicago Whole Foods we visited while we were there, the community table was part of an interior space, following the checkout registers. The space included a table, booths, outlets, a bar, wifi, and a stage for demonstrations or activities.

In Glen Allen, Virginia the community table is included as part of an external community garden. This garden is for the use of patrons, allowing them to learn about and farm fresh produce. "Apple Stores are intended as showrooms to test stuff out and take classes in various things"

Gary Allen, who runs ifoAppleStore.com, which tracks Apple Store openings. Volkswagon Factory, Dresden Volkswagon Factory, Dresden Phaeton Factory, Dresden Volkswagon Factory, Dresden Volkswagon Factory, Dresden Intelligentsia, Chicago Intelligentsia, Chicago Intelligentsia, Chicago Intelligentsia, Chicago Patagonia, Ventura CA Patagonia, Ventura CA Patagonia, Ventura CA Patagonia, Ventura CA Starbucks Smartphone Application Starbucks Smartphone Application Starbucks Smartphone Application Starbucks Smartphone Application Adidas Interactive Storefront, Dresden Adidas Interactive Storefront, Dresden Adidas Interactive Storefront, Dresden Apple Store, New York City Apple Store Apple Store Create a third place Provide entertainment Converse Facebook Page Enhance consumer curiosity Share their expertise Be mobile Connect to customers virtually Be product playgrounds Engage consumers in innovative ways Break down barriers between the employees and the customers Display a narrative about product origins Support the local economy Symbol within a community Express its locality Kaa, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010 Kaa, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010 Chevron ExtraMile, Beaverton, Oregon Chevron ExtraMile, Beaverton, Oregon Whole Foods Events, Lincoln Park, Chicago Whole Foods, Lincoln Park, Chicago Whole Foods Garden, Glen Allen, Virginia global culture to local areas
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