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Chapter 5 : Shaping A New Nation

No description

Sherifa Amin

on 30 November 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 5 : Shaping A New Nation

National Level:
The government of the United States of America
The state of California
A system of government which divided power between the national government and the state government.
Chapter 5 : Shaping A New Nation
After independence, British colonies became states
Each had their own local ruler
Separation of Powers
Checks & Balances
To prevent any branch of the government from dominating the others
For example the President has considerable power, but the Senate must approve some of his decisions.

State Level:
1. In what ways did the new system of government fulfill the nation's need for a strong central government and at the same time reduce its fear of a government with too much power?

2. Do you agree or disagree with the creation of a system of checks and balances? Explain your answer. Think about:
-the main task of each branch
-how the branches function
-the efficency of governmental operations

The Declaration of Independence
Setting: 1783. American Revolution/War on Independence has ended
written in 1776
reflected on the ideas of the Enlightenment
by delegates from every state
What does a brand new country need?
What does every country have to have?
Four parts

Announces reasons for the document

Highlights the rights of people

Lists unfair acts by King George

Declares independence from the British
The Declaration of Independence
Drew on ideas of English philosopher John Locke
Natural, inalienable rights
Consent of the governed
"All men are created equal"
No mention of slavery
1. Why did the states fear a strong central government?

2. In full sentences, explain the separation of powers established by the Constitution

page: 143
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