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CSU Road to Net Zero

Talking points showing the benefits of integrating energy efficiency with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Smart Grid and mitigating GHG emissions.

Len Pettis

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of CSU Road to Net Zero

$1.30 – $1.60/gsf
Includes permanent meters
Sustainable & Persistent MBCx Cost Demand Response Energy Efficiency MBCx Total Impact University of the East How do we overcome the challenges? How do we get there? 94,000 MWh eIQ $140M $130MTotal
85M 87M GSF
$100M $90M Electricity
$20M Natural Gas
$15M Water
$5M Sewer & Trash CSU Utility Spend 35-Year Energy Efficiency Track Record Len Pettis
California State University Silicon Valley Leadership Group
Data Driven Energy Efficiency
June 8, 2012 Karina Garbesi
Guna Selvaduray
Gordon Lee
BIQ Emir Macari
Dennis Elliot
Jack McGowan
Kurt Yeager
Paul Wingco
Rhea Williamson
Tom Riley
Tom Arnold
Heather Colbert
Mike Anderson Elvyra F. San Juan
Jim Sowerbrower
Shawn Holland
Wes Morgan
Mike Clemson
Beth Ambos
Sue DeRosa
Dan Manson
Adam Bayer
Karl Brown Acknowledgements BuildingIQ
Load shifting
Intelligent adjustments
DRIQ ice storage wind BIQ optimized HVAC solar - + 0 zero Building as energy storage Ensure your Net Zero Building operates at net zero eIQ Standard Protocols Interoperability Cyber Secure Block of building loads after optimization (rolling) Block of building loads before optimization Target
Usage and
Demand ceiling District Level
Net Zero NOC
OpenADR electronically dispatched
Facilities level
EnsightIQ Facility-level Predictive Energy Optimization Portfolio/ Campus
Energy Management Net Zero NOC District Optimization = Net Zero Campus 278 million
metric tonnes
GHG reduction 50 million
cars off the road
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