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OLiver Twist

No description

Ashley Chi

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of OLiver Twist

Thank you for your listening !
British Writer and social critic
Victorian period
Great works:
A Tale of Two Cities (1859)
Great Expectations (1861)
Oliver Twist (1838)
a career criminal who trains orphan boys to pick pockets for him
a young prostitute and one of Fagin’s former child pickpockets. However, she gave her life to save Oliver for revealing Monks’s plots
Rose Maylie
the sister of Oliver’s mother. She had established a loving relationship with Oliver before it is revealed that they are related
Mr. Brownlow
a gentleman who serves as Oliver’s benefactor
Oliver’s half brother, who wants to get all of the family inheritance by himself
Plot Summary
Oliver was born in an workhouse because of his mother’s secret affection

Oliver was taken away from the workhouse

Oliver was apprenticed a local undertaker

Oliver ran away again and traveled toward London

Meet Jack Dawkins who offered him shelter in the house of his benefactor, Fagin

Oliver was oppressed to take a pickpocket mission and was caught, being convicted of the theft
Mr. Brownlow took care of Oliver at home.

Fagin’s gang, Bill Sikes and his lover Nancy, captured Oliver and returned him to Fagin.

 Oliver is shot by a servant of the house and is taken in by the women who live there, Mrs. Maylie and her beautiful adopted niece Rose. 

It is revealed that Oliver’s mother left behind a gold locket when she died.

Nancy sacrificed herself in order to save Oliver.

Plot Summary
Mr. Brownlow confronted Monks and got the truth about Oliver’s parentage from him.

Their father was unhappily married to a wealthy woman and had an affair with Oliver’s mother.

 Mr. Brownlow forces Monks to sign over Oliver’s share to Oliver.

It is discovered that Rose is Agnes’s younger sister, hence Oliver’s aunt. Fagin is hung for his crimes.

Finally, Mr. Brownlow adopts Oliver, and they and the Maylies retire to a blissful existence in the countryside.
Charles Dickens (1812-1870)
Plot Summary
Oliver Twist
an orphan born in a workhouse
Theme 1: The Failure of Charity
Residents of those workhouses were essentially inmates whose rights were severely curtailed by a host of onerous regulations.

The economic dislocation of the Industrial revolution made it impossible for many to do so, and the workhouses did not provide any means for social or economic betterment.
Theme 2: The Corrupt City
Oliver Twist is the story of a young orphan boy who reflects the life of poverty in England in the 1830's. It illustrates the evils of the Poor Houses of the time and the corruption of the people.

The story also shows the depths of London’s crime with an emphasis on petty robbery and picks pocketing.
Theme 3: The foolishness of Individualism
The folly character of the novel, Fagin, also referred to as "The Jew", is characterized as a money pincher with no true affections.

His main goals are to exploit the people around him so he can better his station and strengthen his power.
Theme 4: The spirit idealized
Oliver's illegitimate workhouse origins place him at the nadir of society, as an orphan without friends, he is routinely despised. His "sturdy spirit" keeps him alive despite the torment he must endure.
What does the story “Oliver Twist” imply?

The story “Oliver Twist” points out many social issues caused by Industrial Revolution in England realistically to awake the public. For example, shelters, child labor and gangs consisting of teenagers are all the examples at that time. Also, it claims the dark side in humans’ hearts, and Oliver, who was born in a refuge, tortured cruelly but always keeps a kind heart and holds hopes tight, is the representative of sincere side of humans.

OLiver Twist
2.Why Nancy tell the truth to the Mr. Brownlow ?

Nancy was a child pickpockets before and did many wrong things. She is sympathetic toward Oliver and she wanted to make up for her mistakes. Nancy told the truth to Mr.Brownlow in the midnight. Unfortunately, the conversation was heard. Finally, she was killed by her husband, simultaneously, Oliver Twist was saved.
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