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Islamic Relief

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Humanitarian challenges facing Palestinians
bad economy
water crisis
insufficient educational facilities
shortages in medicine
health care problems
traumatised children
limited access of movement
I studied education and I am looking forward to having a job to help my family and sick daughter. But there is no opportunities.
Wafaa, unemployed graduate
After the war, I went back to school. It was damaged as a result of bombing.
Akram, student in 8th grade
Affording food for my entire family is a big challenge. We don't have any source of income.
Naima, breadwinner for
Gaza's water is contaminated with pollutants that threaten the health of people for generations.
Islamic Relief Palestine

responds to such challenges and crises through projects in main sectors:
Water, Hygiene and sanitation
Fathi, water wells technician
Our strategy
Proposed projects
Sample projects
Sample projects
Sample projects
Sample projects
Water, Hygiene and sanitation
Support departments
Finance Department
Procurement & Logistics Department
Human Resources Department
Media Department
Internal Audit Department
Islamic Relief Palestine's programmes team implements projects with the support of there departments.
Together, we can make a difference
Effect of the humanitarian situation on the Palestinian population
Low food security levels as a result of lack of economic access
Rising poverty and unemployment and increased dependency on aid
decrease of quantity and quality of food intake
A recent UN-report offers a bleak picture for the urbanised areas with population growth and subsequent needs projections for the year 2020.

It states that unless the blockade is lifted and normal trade is allowed to resume there will be no fundamental change in the humanitarian situation in Gaza.
According to the findings of the sectorial diagnosis, Islamic Relief Palestine decided to continue working in the six main sectors:
 Emergency Preparedness & response
 Water
 Health
 Education
 Child Welfare
 Livelihoods

A short list projects of focus within each sector were prepared according to criteria:
• Size and urgency of needs of the project
• Potential impact of the project
• IRPAL experience in this sector and type of intervention
• Possibility of Excellence in this sector/ subsector

 Children especially most vulnerable ones
 Female headed households.
 Unemployed labours and graduates.
 Poor vulnerable families.
 Students at kindergartens and schools
 Chronic patients of kidney failure and children with cancer disease.

Target Groups
Estimated budget
40 million

Emergency relief & disaster preparedness
Orphans & child welfare
Sustainable livelihood
Financial History
Partners & donors
Staff number
This is a project classified as Disaster Risk Reduction sector.

Situation in Gaza Strip is identified as a
protection crisis with humanitarian consequences

Impact of bad humanitarian situation:
 Poverty and unemployment
 Food insecurity

On focus:
Emergency Preparedness and Response Project
Through the Emergency Relief Programme, we implement a variety of projects and interventions.

A specizlised programme that deals mainly with disasters and emergency situations

Teams are constantly on stand-by and ready to respond to any manmade or natural disasters

Proven record of prompt response to crises that occurred in Gaza during the last few years (ex. Two recent wars, rain floods, waste water flood, response after military incursions into towns)

Islamic Relief Interventions in Emergency Situations in Gaza Strip
Islamic Relief seeks to apply the emergency preparedness plan to ensure its readiness to respond to different emergencies that may occur.
Proposed Intervention
Participate in alleviating the suffering of affected people during & after disasters or emergencies & ensure that basic materials are provided promptly.

• Saving lives of affected people after crisis during and after disasters through providing them with basic relief items.
• Participate in treatment of injuries through providing medical drugs and disposables to hospitals.
• Mitigate the effects of environmental and health disasters through provision of fuel to water and health facilities
Estimated budget $ 2 million

Project Framework
Intervention to involve two main pillars
1) Capacity building & emergency preparedness of IRPAL and public facilities of CBOs, schools & hospitals
2) Emergency interventions in different sectors as specified by SPHERE standard
food items health
(medicines, spare parts, medical equipment, fuel for medical facilities)
: emergency supply of fuel, disinfectants and spare parts for water facilities, Hygiene kits for IDPs

Islamic Relief believes in
not charity, that’s why we don’t concentrate deliverables only but we provide sustainable
long term solutions
for problems and comprehensive intervention involving beneficiaries & communities and involving awareness within projects to guarantee the best impact.
Dignity NOT charity
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