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woods woods

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Answers

Mira Claxton
Oxfam Canada
1. What is your favourite project that you have done with
Oxfam Canada?
I work as a fundraiser for Oxfam Canada,
helping to raise awareness and donations to help
fund our work. My favourite project that I have seen
was in Ethiopia, in a village in the mountainous
region outside of the city of Mekele. It is a beautiful
country and the people were kind and beautiful but there
was a drought and the farmers needed help in finding
good, clean drinking water, for their families and their
goats. With Oxfam’s help, they were able to dig wells to
find fresh, clean drinking water. We gave the women some
baby goats and provided some veterinary training, so the
women could take care of their goats and sell the goat
milk at the market. The money that they made from
selling the goat milk was used to help pay for their
food and to buy items like oil that they needed for
their cooking.

I wanted to work at
Oxfam because I like that they work on the underlying root causes of
poverty. Oxfam Canada works to help women and men, boys and girls,
overcome poverty and social injustice. Our long-term projects
empower people to help earn a better living for themselves
and their families. We also respond to emergencies, helping
families affected by war or natural disasters.
The 85 richest people own as much wealth as the poorest half
– 3.5 billion! – of the world’s population!
Why is that? I like that Oxfam asks the hard questions that
need to be asked. We do advocacy work to change the rules
and systems that keep poor people poor.

For example, our “Grow” campaign addresses the issue of world hunger.
The project deals with food security, climate change, and the critical
work of women in underdeveloped nations (www.oxfam.ca/grow). The
campaign urges people to ask: we produce enough food to feed
everybody so why do 1 in 7 people go to bed hungry each night?
Who holds the power in food systems? Who gains by keeping the status quo?
Clearly, the food system is broken.

“Behind the Brands” is a part of the larger “Grow” campaign which
aims to make the players who hold power in food systems accountable for
their actions (www.oxfam.ca/grow/act/behind-the-brands). For example,
in Pakistan, children regularly get sick
from unclean and contaminated water, yet close to this population is
an industrial plant that bottles clean water for sale under the Nestle brand.

2. Why did you choose to work at Oxfam Canada rather than another organization with a similar purpose?
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