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Comparison between the Swedish and US government

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Jonas Salah eldin

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Comparison between the Swedish and US government

Comparison between the Swedish government, and the US government ? First we are going to talk about what Sweden and the US have in common with their government systems... They both include a constitution in which there are three branches. By: Jonas Salah Eldin difference between the Swedish Government and the US government... Now here is the Sweden is a Parliamentary democracy as well as a constitutional monarchy while The US is a Republic Democracy. The main idea of this type of system would be that the people vote for a number of various groups who share similar political views which are referred to as "Parties" like the political parties in the US, but In Sweden there can be multiple parties in power at the same time. The next Parliamentary election will take place in year 2014. There are four Fundemetal Laws in Sweden:

1. Regeringsformen (Form of Government) which says that all the people have an equal vote and have certain rights.
2. Yttrandefrihetsförårdningen (first amendment Constitution) which holds similar laws to the Freedom of the press act which I will cover soon, and forbids censorship.
3. Succesionsordningen (succession to the throne) which was made to ordain who would carry the throne and includes that the government must accept who the prince or princess shall marry.
4. Tryckfrihetsförordningen (freedom of the press act) which establishes the laws that gives people the right to print and share anything they would like without having any hindrance. The power is gained from the people, used for the people, and justified by the people. The current Swedish leader is the king Carl XVI Gustaf, But he has no power. The Swedish kings job is to represent their country. The current Prime Minister of Sweden is called Fredrik Reinfeldt. In Sweden we also have a sort of base laws to structure the country like the 7 principles in the US government, only we have 4 in Sweden and we call them the "Fundemental Laws" Unlike the US governments House of representatives and Senators which are divided throughout the states of America, In Sweden we do not have states which makes the voting system much more simple and efficient, We vote once for both our law making parliaments and for our Prime Minister. The Leading Parties leader is called the "Prime Minister". 1. The Executive branch which is led by the president in the US, and is led by the Prime Minister in sweden.

2. The Legislative branch which is led by the Congress House of representatives and Senators in the US, and is led by the parliament in Sweden.

3. The Judicial branch which is led by the Supreme Court in the US, and is independent and employed by the government in Sweden. Bibliography: Davidson, James West., Michael B. Stoff, and Herman J. Viola. Prentice Hall the American Nation. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2005. Print.

"SÃ¥ Funkar Riksdagen." SÃ¥ Funkar Riksdagen. Ed. Karin Hedman Riksdagen. Riksdagen, n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2012. <http://www.riksdagen.se/sv/Sa-funkar-riksdagen/>.

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Swedish flag: Prezi.com

USA flag: Prezi.com

USA President: Prezi.com

Moderaterna: Prezi.com The Parties powers are separated by the amount of votes they receive.
parties that win at least 4 percent of the votes get to have a role in creating new laws under the parliament. The Party with the most amount of votes gain access to create the government of the country and is called the "Leading Party" until the next Parliamentary election takes place, which would be every four years which is similar to the US elections. The current President of the United States is called Barrack Obama. The current leading party is called "Moderaterna" and this is their icon
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