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8 Technology Graphics- Jessica Anderson


Jessica Anderson

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of 8 Technology Graphics- Jessica Anderson

Technology Folio 8P My Folio Jessica Anderson Design Brief The task is to design and produce a swing tag for your own clothing or shoes or anything you want it to be. We are using prezi as our folios to make it even more interesting and exciting instead of making it in a plain folder. We have to present two samples of our swing tag and present it. One is presented on paper and one is presented on a fabric. Design Limitations The limitations in this project are many.
Time is the main component in this project and in many subjects it always is.
There is as well as computer problems which people get annoyed with which can lead to internet problems.
Also, it sometimes includes friends when you chat to them too much and get distracted because you're having so much fun time is wasted and you don't get anything done.
You help the people who need help on the project which is not a problem but it wastes a lot of time which could make you lose marks and if it takes so long to explain something to them you lose time to work on your own project. A well designed graphic image will: Design Criteria Taken time in their swing tag. Used the right colours and thought of it wisely. Made it creative and unique. No pixels everywhere, very clear. Be noticed easily. It's neat and not messy. Will be ethical and effective in the images Will be functioned well in their presentation. Has good aesthetics in their swing tag. The scale is reasonable. The ergonomics usage on the swing tag. They are very good with their resource availability (skills/knowledge/programs, software and hardware). Time Management Plan Investigating My possible 5 business names are: Possible Logo Names Smile and Laugh Fun in the Sun Live, Life, Love Sunshine Clothing Live Loud I chose live loud clothing because it stands out and it has a purpose. Also it sounds like it has hip and fresh designs ready for everyone to see. Sketches of logos P: It's bold and it's easy to read if a client wants to know who has produced it.
M: It's bland and it doesn't stand it.
I: It looks like a sign from the cinemas that makes it interesting. P: The letters on the wind makes it attractive.
M: The person doesn't look cheerful. It looks mad which doesn't make it as bold.
I: It looks like the person shouted out live and it turns into wind. P: It looks graceful and kid friendly from the cloud and the bubble
M: Clients might not understand what the logo means because they won't know what 'thing' they're selling.
I: It doesn't 'scream' it out but it's peaceful. P: It goes straight to the point and it doesn't take its time and customers would get it quick.
M: It may scare parents if they are buying clothes for their little children which would give negative thoughts about the logo.
I: It's not like normal logos it looks like it hits you in the face. P: It looks easy because it's simple not complicated
M: It makes clients think about what is it selling?
I: the word 'loud' in the bomb works because a bomb is loud. Swing tag Sketches P: It's appealing and creative and it's also unique.
M: It looks like a surfboard and it won't make sense to the clients who are going to purchase their items of this brand.
I: It has a different shape and no one has seen it. P: It looks fancy with the frills on the border
M: It doesn't stand out to children because they think it's boring.
I: It looks like apart of a high fashion because of the frills around the border. P: It is the same shape as part of the logo which makes it look fascinating.
M: It's a bomb and bombs are bad which parents will dislike.
I: It's the shape of the logo and it looks like a bomb inside a bomb which looks cool. P: Not many companies have this sort of swing-tags which makes it unique.
M: It looks like a christmas tree and it will give the wrong idea to the clients.
I: It looks hip with the logo inside. P: It's very simple but effective with the bomb as part of the logo.
M: It looks boring because nothing pops out.
I: It looks like the wind started from the end of the swing tag. Design Evaluation
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