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Penguin Rescue

No description

Gene Monahan

on 25 October 2017

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Transcript of Penguin Rescue

African Penguin Rescue ZBA
The Tragedy of June 23
In the summer of 2000 a ship called the
sank off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa and became a danger to the African penguins.
The Process and Efforts
It took two people to clean the penguins, one to hold it, and the other to wash it. It took at least two hours to clean one penguin. It took a lot of patience and effort, which the volunteers had.The penguins had to be sprayed with degreaser which was invented by a seventeen year old! Fragile places, like their face had to be cleaned with a toothbrush. It took a month to clean all the penguins! The volunteers would get bitten with razor sharp beaks , scratched, slapped, and the penguins would give them scars that would stay there for the rest of their lives. but they didn't let that get to them. They knew that they wanted to help these animals survive so they did everything they could.
The Release
The oil spill was flowing towards Dassen Island, but if the oil reached the penguins there, they wouldn't have enough resources to clean them. One volunteer had an risky idea. If they temporarily evacuated the penguins from Dassen Island, the penguins would swim back to their home in time and the oil would've flowed somewhere else. the plan actually worked!
20,000 more penguins were saved.
The Evacuation
The whole rescue took about three months. By the end, 90% of the african penguin population had survived, or recovered from the massive oil spill. Those penguins were successfully returned to the wild.
Google for free images
Thank You!
The ship Treasure
A penguin being cleaned
A penguin being transported to Port Elizabeth
African penguins being released
TED talk
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