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Alexanders internship

No description

Efrain Gandarilla

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Alexanders internship

Project Sunshine,
Alexanders path to: Experience that can help him in his career the next time he is to encounter discrepancies He decides to not involve himself, personally, with any of the issues at the institution and instead leave it up to ones in charge in order to respect his title and have him be viewed in a much more professional manner Alexander then decides to write reports and send copies to his professor and the director of the institution where his internship is being done
Alexander comes to the realization that if he is to intervene in the relationship between the citizens and the nurses, at all, he must report it directly to his superiors In another instance, Alexander realizes the nurses have racial biases with the elderly citizens and it is backed by Soledads' observations and experiences as well Project: Sunshine Alexander starts in an internship volunteering at an elderly home where he helps his new friend Soledad he helps keep her company and join her in day to day activities
Alexander has several challenges as part of his internship, challenges he must instead handle in a much more professional manner: Soledad asks Alexander to spend more time with her since she has no family and the nurses don't seem to be treating the citizens so well Alexander discovers, through multiple observations, that the nurses are not treating the citizens fairly and favor the citizens more through racial preference Alexander also witness an argument between a nurse and an elderly man; the main argument is that a nurse stole the mans watch and it has to do with the nurse being hispanic and thus treating him unfaily Alexander must realize that every move he makes must be a professional one due to this being the start of his career and must prove to everyone involved that he can actually be successful Taking on Soledads request of spending more time with her, Alexander instead decides to explain to her that he has a duty to fulfill and though he does look forward to spend time with her he must fulfill his assigned duties first- though any chance he gets he promises to spend the time with her In another happening he again notices the racial bias but this time he witnesses an argument between one of the nurses and an elderly man He was asked to take part in what he saw, by the man, but he is wanted to say more than what he actually saw- a crucial moment for Alexander Though Alexander could easily intervene and attempt to take care of things on his own, he must remember that his future in his new career could greatly depend on it all Alexander in his final project has gained plenty of experience at his internship Alexander can feel great success in his final project because of his actions and accomplishments
As part of his final project Alexander will include the difficult tasks in his presentation in order to have it be known that in any career there will always be difficult tasks and it will depend greatly on the person in charge that everything goes accordingly Alexander can walk tall and know that in Project Sunshine he has reached:
He must take his new assignment with a professional mindset, for this is the start of his career Problems Alexander encounters in his new job: Alexander can only do so much, he decides to not take part on any sides and instead solely document all activity witnessed
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