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In the short story"Charles", Shirley Jackson creates

No description

Mahari Paul

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of In the short story"Charles", Shirley Jackson creates

The conflict will be that Laurie creates a imaginary boy named Charles in order for him to not get in trouble at home by his behavior at school. This conflict is boy vs. society because it effects people around him in many different ways. So the conflict is unique because it effects everyone around him in simple different ways
Title of Work-Plot Analysis
In the short story"Charles", Shirley Jackson creates an intriguing plot through the use of irony and the character.
In the short story, The Exposition was that a young boy named Laurie comes home one day and informs his mother of another young boy named Charles who is also in Laurie's Kindergarten Class which his behavior is horrible as of his attitude. Most of this problem is at school but interprets no other than home.
The setting contributes to the plot by giving the reader suspense and irony by using specific details.To make a final idea about the setting Charles was made by Shirley Jackson a useful Irony composure in the mid 1948s.If the plot was ever changed there would be no Charles so as the story goes on the reader might get a weird or misgiving feeling about Laurie and Charles ,which makes the setting seem gloomy and suspenseful which the story has more than 5 different characters.
by Mahari Paul
The Character
In this story the character is very important because if Laurie never Existed then Charles wouldn't in which their wouldn't be a story.Laurie's traits are cruel and disbelieving because in the whole story he lies and does because he does not want to get in trouble by his parents.As the story goes on he undergoes a change in his attitude and behavior by becoming a good boy.
by Mahari Paul
by Mahari Paul
by Mahari Paul
Rising Action
The rising action is when Laurie tells his mom whats happening at school between Charles and his classmates but as the author details the plot she, uses a lot of irony in this specific text.
In the final outcome the climax was when Laurie's mom finds out that there is no Charles in the kindergarten class
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