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Different types of Pharmacist

No description

Katherine Son

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Different types of Pharmacist

Khadija Abdurrahman
Josh Benavidez
Katherine Son Different Types of Pharmacist Objective: The purpose is to show the audience that there are numerous different types of pharmacist. Academic Pharmacist Teach and do research at college or at pharmacy college $60,000 Annual salary: Ambulatory Pharmacist Clinical Pharmacist Communists/Retails Pharmacist Government Pharmacist Home Care Pharmacist Hospital Pharmacist Chris: Independent Pharmacist Industrial Pharmacist Managed Care Pharmacist Nuclear Pharmacist Pharmaceutical Industry Pharmacist Radiopharmacist Research pharmacist itation Success Teacher: Independent pharmacist works in pharmacy.
Their duties include dispensing prescription, compound different types of drugs, give patient an information about the drug, recommend the patient of what drug to use, and to answer the patients' questions. For example: Thank you C A pharmacist that goes from one pharmacy to another. Accessible health care Most of the ambulatory pharmacist frequently visit the pharmacy at the rural areas. Salary range:
$90,000 - $110,000 Provide information about drug by monitoring drug interactions and drug therapy. Works at hospital, nursing home, and home health care settings. Additional task: Ensure the patients' safety when taking drugs Salary:
$106,000 Give advice to customers on usage of medicines and advice the customer to avoid the use of conjunction with alcohol or other types of medication. Also tells their customer about prescription and over-the-counter drugs (OFC). Importantly, they advise the customer about the possible side effects and interaction. Salary:
$110,000 Work for...
U.S. Public Health Service
Veterans Administration
Food and Drug Administration
Armed Services Finds if the drugs is safe to use and if it is effective. Salary: $104,000 Prepares injection and delivers them to patients to those who are critically ill at home. Salary:
$98,000 - $108,000 Does not dispense oral or external medicines Works in hospital, clinics, or nursing homes. Perform administrative medicines, teach nurses, and work in patient health care. Salary: $120,445 Works in marketing, sales, research, quality controls, production, packaging and others. (Generic, Brand, and Medicine Devices) There are some cases of pharmaceutical fraud. (Reported false report to Medicare/ Government program) Salary: $104,000 Works in Health Maintenance Organization (HMOs) Plan and manage prescription drug use Salary: $125,029 Works for drug manufacturing company Marketing, research and product development, quality control, sales, and administration Salary: $122,225 Dispense radioactive pharmaceutical use. Salary: $120,000 Dispense and compound radioactive materials for nuclear medicine usage. Highly specialized field. Needs to be specialized trained. Salary: $126,191 Maintain control and accountability of research medication use. Resourceful for investigation Research in wide varieties of medicines Salary: $167,256 Blair, Jennifer. "Industrial Pharmcist Job Description." Industrial Pharmacist. eHow, n.d. Web. 3 Feb. 2013. <http://www.ehow.com/facts_6765880_industrial-pharmacist-job-description.html>.

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