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1.1.3 GCSE PE

Skill related fitness

Evie Brooksbank

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of 1.1.3 GCSE PE

GCSE Pathway 1. To understand the components of skill related fitness

2. To explain why these components are important to different sports. Thinking about SKILLS, what do you think these letters mean? In your groups give definitions of what these words mean: Co-ordination Lesson Objectives: C A R B S P Co-ordination Agility Speed Reaction time Balance Power = Strength V Speed Reaction Time Speed Agility Power Balance is the ability to move two or more body parts at the same time” The time between the presentation of a stimulus and movement” is the ability to change direction with speed” is the ability of the performer to retain their centre of mass over their base of support without falling” Time taken to cover a set distance” is a combination of strength and speed Think of you sport, using all the skill related fitness terms, give an example of when each one might be used in your sport. eg: A footballer would use power when performing a long pass Share your answers with your group Write down another practical activity you take part in, make a list of the skill related fitness aspects that you think are involved in it Skill related fitness Explain how it is use: Speed Agility Power Coordination Balance Reaction Time In your groups think of a way to remember these key words
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