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Teaching contemporary art in the example of Sally Stuudio. Jane Remm

For Intensivdagarna 2012, 3. - 5. December 2012, Visby, Sweden

Jane Remm

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Teaching contemporary art in the example of Sally Stuudio. Jane Remm

Teaching contemporary art in the example of Sally Stuudio
Jane Remm Mission: to support the understanding and prestige of art in society.

To fulfil this aim Sally Stuudio supports the need for creation and interest in culture among people, creating them possibilities to receive high-quality art information, to make art and to study art. Aim: to widen the ground of art – to bring art closer to people and achieve the growth of art awareness in Estonian society. Aim: to develop students’ independent, creative and critical thinking and both manual and verbal self-expression through the means of contemporary art. Contemporary art Independent, critical and creative thinking Contemporary art and ICC.
Principles of Sally Stuudio Monochromatic art work based on data. Teacher: Annely Köster Which Tallinn? Teachers: Jane Remm, Siiri Taimla, Tanel Rannala Painting and other media. Today’s news. Teacher: Jane Remm Discussion & interpretation Interdisciplinary
synthesis of subjects The role of the artists at different era’s, Teacher: Jane Remm Beautiful – ugly. Teacher: Jane Remm Inclusion & active approach Read me! Teachers: Siiri Taimla, Tanel Rannala Exhibition experience Site-specific sculptures in urban space. Teachers: Jane Remm, Siiri Taimla, Tanel Rannala Programme In Sally’s tale different subjects and media ICT possibilities open questions environment contextual knowledge art history & theory independent desicion making personal approach Sally Stuudio Art Awareness Centre Sally Stuudio Art School As a result of its twenty years of activity Sally Stuudio has gained reputation of being an innovative centre for developing art education with the focus on contemporary art and widening the ground of art in society. Ideal integration point for different subjects and
raising students independent, critical and creative thinking. Perfect tool for discussions about issues in society. Essential for understanding and making contemporary art. Sir Ken Robinson: Creative process is about both generating ideas and evaluating and shaping them, it's about originality and critical desicions. Base on conceptual approach research problem-based art making interpretation synthesis of different subjects Drawing interpretation. Teachers: Siiri Taimla, Tanel Rannala est. 1991 interdisciplinary social no rules inclusive communicative desicion making analyse reflection judgement interpretation courage originality process originality value ethical divergent thinking convergent thinking independent from group Eksperimena! The Contemporary art Triennial for School Students Aim of Eksperimenta! is bringing art and art education closer to each other and thus initiate sustainable changes in art education. www.eksperimenta.net Heritage, collaboration project with UNESCO Art history students in Moderna Museet, Stockholm Eksperimenta! 2014 is looking forward to collaborating with you!

www.eksperimenta.net Heidi Urmet Maarja E. Roosalu Jasmine Põldemaa Ekke Märten Saatpalu Fredi Arro Janno Jõulu Susanna Mildeberg Merily Pärn At Thomas Struth exhibition in Contemporary Art Museum of Serralves, Portugal Helen Aaver
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