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Intro to Dystopian Literature

Class project for English 12

Derek Green

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Intro to Dystopian Literature


The opposite of Utopian literature
What is a Dystopian

Opposite of a utopia which is a perfect ideal world with perfect politics, laws, customs, and societies

Author Criticizes current societies and their politics
Uses propaganda for control
People have no freedom ;
independent thinking is discouraged.
Citizens worship a figurehead or idea
Citizens think they have no privacy
and are being watched
Often set in the future
Uses unusual technologies
not yet available
Totalitarian Government
Usually has human misery
Large corporations control society
Bureaucratic control:
red tape, confusion and a bungling government
Society is controlled by technology
(ex. Matrix, The Terminator)
Society is controlled by religious belief system
A system of government that is centralized
and dictatorial and requires complete
subservience to the state.
Controlling, Manipulative, Government Departments
Telescreen surveillance by "Big Brother"
Society controlled by propaganda
Ministry of Truth- spreads propaganda that alters historical records
Ministry of Peace- wages war
Ministry of Love-spreads hate
Ministry of Plenty- plans economic shortage
Short Story

“Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow” is a dystopic short story written in 1953 by Kurt Vonnegut.
The story took place in 2158 A.D. in Alden Village,New York City
formerly southern Connecticut
The discovery of a drug called anti-gerasone stopped the aging process and
created a nightmare world.
The use of anti-gerasone caused overpopulation which then caused scarcities of metals, gasoline, and many foods. Many people lived off a diet of seaweed and sawdust.
The Hunger Games
By Suzanne Collins
A futuristic dystopic novel that takes
place in the ruins of what once was
North America called Panem.
Government control
by the evil Capitol
The Hunger Games are a yearly televised event
designed as a punishment for
past attempts at government takeover.
The games are a government
intimidation tactic .
Usually science fiction
or speculative fiction
A genre or type of literature about future, imagined universes with oppressive societal control and often has the illusion of a perfect society
Modern examples of what might be criticized
surveillance cameras at intersections
overdone plastic surgeries
social media on the internet
BP oil disaster in the Gulf, 2010
Overuse of Technology
"War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"
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