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Leading a More Diverse Workforce - GSS Pakistan

Gender Diversity

Izza Fayyaz

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Leading a More Diverse Workforce - GSS Pakistan

Gender Diversity
Leading a More Diverse Workforce - GSS Pakistan
Statistical Analysis of Gender Diversity at GSS Pakistan (2013)
Personal Outlook on Gender Diversity
Gender Diversity
• Deliver improved company performance
• Have access to the widest talent pool
• Are more responsive to the market
• Achieve better corporate governance
Diversity at Workplace
Road Map to a Diverse Workforce
A gender diverse workplace includes a proportionate number of male and female workforce that reflect the racial and religious makeup of society and the local community.
This can have an effect on how people interact and behave with one another in the workplace and would impact culture and social environment.
- specific initiatives in order to permeate Gender Diversity

- focusing on the entire Talent Supply Chain:
- to enhance GSS competitive advantage
- to integrate diversity in leadership and management style
Studies about women in managerial positions
"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success"
- Henry Ford

better decision making
Greater creativity and innovation

Enhance productivity
Increase employee morale

Improves reputation
Provides competitive edge to company

helps diminish stereotypes
Dispel prejudices
Communication Barriers
Leads to poor employee relationship
Inhibits new ideas
Needs proper strategy
A look into the number
Women's Voice
"If you ask for equal rights then accept equal responsibility as well. It’s a tough world and no one would really make way for anyone."
“In my first few years, I really had to show and PROVE MYSELF to be capable….
There always may be a sense of jealousy and resentment if a female gets a promotion, but I never felt like there were any obstacles in my way. Women have to show their DEDICATION, HARD WORK and TALENT and BE MORE ASSERTIVE about having their work represent who they are.”
“There are certain roadblocks that only females have to face during their careers. When I got married, the question was, if I will continue the Job or not and despite of my assurance that I will pursue career after marriage, it took me good one year to prove the fact.”
“What you get most to hear when it comes to equal opportunity employer that if males sit late so should females. In our society sitting late in offices is not encouraged, but still females strive to build a career and for that matter they are told to make several sacrifices.”
Success Factors
Key Performance Indicator
Specific hiring KPIs to promote gender diversity
Ensure female successors in the talent pool
Platform providing yearly opportunities to connect with internal female employees
External forums organized for women
Ambassador Program
Invite women employees to become GSS recruitment ambassadors outside GSS Pakistan
Training Program
Gender Balance Awareness
Training and development opportunities
Child-care services at work
Flexible working arrangements
Providing mentoring and coaching of our female talent
Women talent review sessions
Avoid gender bias in reward
Ensure consistency across genders during salary and bonus payout
"People have to believe change is necessary and be willing to accept it"
"Men at work, not to be afraid but to embrace gender diversity"

"Women not to hide behind the gender veil, to stand strong, be themselves and not be intimidated by the challenges that are associated with being a flag bearer"
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