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Snipes,T- Endangered Species

No description

Ty Snipes

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Snipes,T- Endangered Species

Habitat The endangered species act Results The rhinos foods scientific name

the rhinos scientific name is sondacious.The rhinos name today is the javan rhino.But the rhino is sometimes just called the rhino ENDANGERED SPECIES The animals features Endangered cause JAVAN RHINO About the rhino The javan rhino eats leaves and plants. The rhino like's salt water.The rhino was called once being a herbivore The rhino has been known for living in dense tropical rainforest.The rhino was also found living in vietnamese.The rhino has also been found in Indonesia The rhino features are having horns.The rhinos have good senses.But the rhino has also been known for being very territorial. The rhino habitat normally depends on where the rhino can survive.The rhino has been living in Indonesia,and Tropical like places.Some rhinos are moved so far from where they can survive that they just die The rhino can be 4-6 or 5-8 for height.The rhino in some instance is considered small.But for a rhino this small it has a lot of heart to be territorial with a elephant The Endangered Species act pretty much saved the javan rhino.The act was made to protect any animal from being captured.But it also was meant to keep poachers away from poaching and killing animals
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