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Recalling Facts and Details

Mrs. Aheran 4th Grade

Maribel Aheran

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Recalling Facts and Details

Learning Goal: Students will be able to recognize/identify facts and details in a given text/story. Think about the strategy:
What are Facts and Details?
Everything you read has facts and details. Shows you watch on TV or movies you see at the theater also have facts and details, Facts and Details tell more about the main idea. Collaborative Pairs: Tell your partner about a story you read or your favorite movie. Then, take turns telling about the main character on the story or movie. Tell the facts and details that describe this character. When you are done, choose one word to describe the character. How do you find Facts and Details?
You can find facts and details in a reading passage by thinking about the main idea. Once you know the main idea, you can find the details that tell more about the main idea.
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