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Coffee Order

No description

Riley McKenna

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Coffee Order

Dr. Durvasula:
What is a Stereotype?
Stereotype: A belief about the personal attributes about a group of people. Stereotypes are sometimes overgeneralized, inaccurate, and resistant to new information.
Coffee Order
Black Coffee:
Cheap Route
Coffee Connoisseur
Middle Aged or Senior
Blended Beverages
Just started to drink coffee
Usually with a group
Doesn't know what else to order
Plain Lattes
People Pleasers
Like things plain, simple
and orderly.
Complicated Orders
Likes to have control over details, Possess a sense of entitlement,
Might be a professional,
Overall likes things to be in order.
Iced Tea
Watching calories, doesn’t like coffee, cheaper, follows social trends.
A hot, double tall chai latte
with 2 pumps pumpkin spice,
and 2 pumps chai, with no
water, extra foam, steamed to
145 degrees.
The Case Study: Stereotypes
What Does Your
Coffee Order

Say About You?
A stereotype is a way we simplify our social world.
Categorization Process
How Does This Work?
Now in English...
Walter Lippmann, 1889-1974
Stereotypes can be accurate AND inaccurate...
More to Your Coffee Than You Think....
My Findings:
30 out of 50
of my stereotype assumptions
were correct.
Social Influence
is an influential variable
10 Vanguard Students
40 Random Samples of Starbucks Customers
Social Norms & Stereotypes,

Our personalities influence all spheres of our lives

A person's coffee order can
be guessed before he orders
based on formed stereotypes
including appearance,
behavior, personality traits,
and mannerisms.
Conducted an observational study of 1,000
coffee drinkers.
a contemporary clinical psychologist

Discovered repeatable patterns in customers with similar
personality traits.
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