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Ancient Roman Sports Compared To Modern Sports

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Damien Valentine

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Ancient Roman Sports Compared To Modern Sports

Ancient Roman Sports
Compared To Modern Sports
By Damien Valentine The Sports Conclusion Rome Most of the sports match up.. 3/4 in the Roman sports section match up with the modern. 3/4 on the modern side also match up. With wrestling and gladiators being similar.. each having opponents fighting until a winner is declared. The ball sports that were played in Rome are still played today. Soccer, Field Hockey, catch. Proving that many sports today started thousands of years ago. The Comparison Pictures In conclusion to my presentation , the next time you play a sports think about if it is a sport i just talked about. If it is then think about where it originated. Modern Gladiator
Track & Field
Field Hockey Wrestling
Track & Field
Field Hockey
Basketball Catch catch Most of the sports we play today the Romans invented. The Affect The affect that roman sports had on modern day sports is revolutionary. They inspired more and more sports, many of the sports that are played today were played thousands of years ago. Many people today don't know this fact and don't think about it either. The affect was great and more than likely more sports will be invented based off of Ancient Roman sports.
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