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Plano Daycare

No description

jameyre Beason

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Plano Daycare

Plano Daycare
Jameyre Beason
What I learned:
You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance.
That Kids have the ability to make your day that much more special.
They are very intelligent and may be even considered as wise.
Briley Dossman
Things I Learned:
children are very innocent and it was refreshing to spend time with them.
children are always in a good moood every time i see them and it showed me i needed to lighten up and just have fun.
the kids were only worried about having fun, nothing else this showed me i need to start to enjoy life more.
Sabur Woldu
The Goal: Help these kids have the most fun in one day .
The Goal
We hope to gain an understanding of responsiblity and the amount of care required to care for a kid. While doing that we hope to increase the amount of fun that they can have in their day. We hope to assist the kids that visit this day care.
Hours 1-2: Meet and greet Get to know the
kids and establish a relationship.

Hours 2-3: Have the most amount of fun ever alotted to be fun in the universe

Hours 3-4: Have even more fun... If thats even possible

Hours 4-5: Do the hardest part.. Farewells
hours 1-2: greeted the kids and leardned how the daycare works.
hours 2-4: spent time playing with kids on the playground and teaching them basketball!!!
hours4-5: said goodbye to the kids i became friends with.
What I learned:
I learned that since this was a kind of almost low income daycare so the kids parents worked a lot which casued the kids not to have a lot of interaction with loved ones anf the daycare was their family .
I learned that the innonce and honesty of kids is something I wish everyone in the world had beacuse they dont look at how you look or any physical appearence they are the same towards everyone .

First 2 hours : Took the kids out on the playground and played with them.

Second two hours: Cleaned the cups and tables from snack time while the kids were talking naps.

Last hour: Read with the kids and played hide and seek with them.

Second day : Repeatitive cycle with the exception of going into the classroom and helping them sing their ABC's the obsevation of a teacher .

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