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LSU Panhellenic

on 30 May 2018

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Transcript of Summer

LSU Greek Life &
What Should You Be Doing Now?
Greek Life Statistics
Greek Tiger
Letters of Recommendation
Grades are VERY important!
PHC Formal Recruitment
How to Obtain Letters of Rec?
FALL 2014
All Sorority GPA 3.247
All women's GPA 3.062
All sorority GPA is
than the all female GPA for LSU

Greek Life Website
Recruitment Registration
Register online JUNE 1!

Registration Deadline: July 16, 2015
$260 if living on campus/$150 if living off campus

Late Registration: July 17-31, 2015
$100 late fee
Once your online registration is COMPLETE, you will receive the
Girl Talk Magazine

Girl Talk
will provide you with detailed information regarding Recruitment!

You can bring it with you as a resource during the week!
Recommendations are VERY important at LSU
Recommendations speak to your character.

You should have at LEAST one recommendation for each sorority. Two are generally recommended.

Identify women who are alumnae of each sorority at LSU.

Provide them with a resume and 2 different photos of yourself.

They will follow their national policies on recommendations and will send the information to their respective sorority house.

Thank you!
What if I don't know an alumnae member of a particular sorority?
Contact the organization's national headquarters. Their websites are listed in the FAQ packet!
What if I only have recommendations for 6 of the 11 sororities?
Once you've exhausted all resources...

Send 5 packets to Panhellenic at
RM 472 LSU Student Union
. Be sure to specify which sororities you need the recommendations for!

We will share your information with those sororities, and they will work to secure you a recommendation.
This is not guaranteed!
Letters of Recommendation
Let's review...
Remember that these letters are VERY important!

The DEADLINE is generally
July 1st
, but they can be sent in at any time.

It's never too early to be thinking of these!
We want to impress upon you that recommendations are VERY important
Consider setting your social media accounts to PRIVATE
You always want to ensure that you are presenting your best self!

Rule of thumb: Would you let your grandmother look at your profile?
#1 Register for PHC Recruitment at

#2 Obtain recommendations

#3 Consider setting your social media accounts to private and be sure to present your best self!
All sororities require at least a

from high school, but more commonly a
3.0 GPA
is required.
Hanging out with current sorority members this summer
Stay open-minded, and do not let the temptation to be drawn to a single sorority mislead you!

You need to know that 1, 3, or 5 women CANNOT guarantee membership. The entire sorority makes these decisions.
Recruitment : What to wear & bring!
Legacy (n.)- typically potential members who are the sisters, daughters or granddaughters of sorority alumnae

Each sorority has different policies. Therefore, legacies are
guaranteed bids.

Financial Information
One sorority does not tend to be more expensive than another. Typically, your first year is more expensive due to

A financial spreadsheet can be found on page 8 of the FAQ packet!
Round 1
Round 2
Round 4
Round 3
Ice water
Things to Bring:
Large tote, flip flops, a fan, touch-up makeup, water bottle,
snacks, an umbrella, cell phone...

Please be wary of bringing nice/designer purses!
Round One - Ice Water
This round consists of:
11 parties

Each party is 30 minutes long

Takes place over the course of two days, Sunday and Monday
Round Two - Philanthropy
This round consists of:
A maximum of 8 parties
Each party is 40 minutes long
Takes place over the course of two days, Tuesday and Wednesday

You will be provided with an official Panhellenic t-shirt that you will wear!
Round Three - Skit
This round consists of:
A maximum of 5 parties
Each party is 55 minutes long
Takes place on Thursday

The sorority will entertain you with a skit and possibly give you a house tour!
Round Four - Preference
This round consists of:
A maximum of 3 parties
Each party is 45 minutes long

This evening is more serious and more formal!
This day is for YOU and your new sisters to become better acquainted and form lasting friendships!

It's a great celebration to the end of long week!
What to Wear:
Sports bra, gym shorts, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes
Keep an open mind!

Have a good time and stay positive! Keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself.

Trust that the chapters know who will fit best with their particular group.

Don't listen to the opinions of others - especially the guys! Form your OWN opinions.
Dates: August 15-23, 2015
August 14
is move in for
and special exception students, for an additional fee
August 15

is move in for
August 15
is Parent and PNM

August 16
is the first day of

Membership Selection
Membership Selection Process - The process by which sororities and potential members choose each other through the recruitment process

How you are invited back to parties the next day

Priority Recruitment Process
How does it work?
PMs attend the parties in Rounds - 1, 2, 3, 4

After each Round, PMs prioritize immediately after the event

Chapter lists will be turned in at the designated time

Campus Director computer software generates the chapter choices with the PM's choices

The PM receives her schedule of parties prior to the first event the next day
After Round 1: The PM will cluster rank her top 8 as "1's" and choose her 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choices

After Round 2: The PM will cluster rank her top 5 as "1's" and choose a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice

After Round 3: The PM will cluster rank her top 3 as "1's" and choose a 2nd and 3rd choice

After Preference the PM makes her choices in preferential order - a maximum of three
Commonly Asked Questions
How many girls get in?

What will quota be or how many girls will each sorority be able to take?

Could a PM go through the whole process and not receive a bid?
Sigma Lambda Gamma
Sigma Alpha
Founded in 1989
Philanthropies: Ag in the Classroom and East Baton Rouge Animal Shelter
Professional and Social Sorority
Affiliated with the College of Ag, but not limited to Ag majors!!
Rush Dates TBA
For more information please visit
or email
Founded: April 9, 1990 at the University of Iowa
Goal: To form a group of women that would provide social and academic support to WOMEN OF ALL CULTURES

LSU Colony is the FIRST in the state
Community Service
Cultural Awareness
Morals & Ethics
Social Interaction

National Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness & the TRIO Program
Become a part of HISTORY
12 credit hours, 2.65 GPA
Follow Panhellenic!
LSU Panhellenic
LSU Panhellenic
Over 3,200 sorority women

12 NPC Sororities
Sigma Alpha - College of Agriculture
Sigma Lambda Gamma - Multi-Cultural/Latina Based
Panhellenic Council
USS Moving Company
New Opportunity for any woman living in Miller Hall AND participating in Sorority Recruitment

Res. Life has partnered with University and Student Services (USS)

For $185, USS will move
you bring from your cars to your room
you get to move in on Thursday, August 13th before everyone else!

To register visit the Res. Life website & spaces are limited!
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