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The Armenian Genocide


Jenna Burleigh

on 12 March 2010

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Transcript of The Armenian Genocide

1.5 million people from 1915-1918 in the Ottoman Empire thats how many Armenians were killed even before this there was discrimination between the Muslim Turks and the Christian Armenians because they were the largest non-Muslim group in 1896 when Sultan Abdul Hamid II was in power he saw Armenians as a threat and killed 200,000 of them. Sketch from 1896 from an eye-witness More killing happened in 1908 when the the Young Turks over threw the Sultan this 4 year old was hurt by a Turkish bullet that killed her grandmother "if this purge is not general and final, it will inevitably lead to problems. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to eliminate the Armenian people in its entirety, so that there is no further Armenian on this earth and the very concept of Armenia is extinguished. We are now at war. we shall never have a more suitable opportunity thatn this." Dr. Nazim April 24, 1915 was when the real killing began They killed community leaders and intellectuals first. Also on this day in Istanbul, 600 men were rounded up and murdered. Those left were forced to march. a mother and her children who died of thirst and hunger. alot of people died from thirst and hunger sometimes they weren't allowed to drink even if they came to a river just as a form of torment this is a Turk official teasing staving children with bread. only about 150 out of 18,000 people made it to the refugee camp in Aleppo Thesis: Even though it is argued by the government, an Armenian genocide occured because there were witnesses and survivors there were U.S, German and Russian eye-witnesses of the atrocities theres still documents around from the U.S and Britain basically telling the Turks to stop There were also survivors that have shared their stories rev. vartan hartunian Kristine Hagopian THE END
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