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txlamoblit - Emerging Technology: Mobile Literacy and New Competencies

Emerging Technology: Mobile Literacy and New Competencies. Texas Library Association conference 4/17/2010 #txla10

Joe Murphy Librarian

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of txlamoblit - Emerging Technology: Mobile Literacy and New Competencies

Mobile Literacy Joe Murphy Twitter: libraryfuture Yale Science Libraries joseph.murphy@yale.edu http://bit.ly/txlamoblit
idea developed out of a 2008 guest lecture at Rutgers. on Scribd for mobile export
http://bit.ly/acrlpaperscribd “Social Networking Literacy Competencies For Librarians: Exploring Considerations And Engaging Participation.” With Heather Moulaison. Proceedings of the Fourteenth National Conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries, March 12-15, 2009, Seattle, Washington. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, 2009. Page 328. Outline / story Intro, mobile literacy framework Mobile techs & emerging literacies Major themes and skills for mobile literate librarians How to get there - training & practicalities Mobile literacy for our patrons Future(s) and next steps Mobile Literacy Familiar w/ Mobile Technologies as trend see the need as tools Aware of the Impact of
mobile technology Impacts expectations culture Know what & how:
applications for the library adapt librarian skills ways to apply mobile techs service applications & Skills Knowing Applying Info Lit familair w/ major techs
- current techs

- uses/functions Areas & Skills of Mobile Literacy gaining familairity
w/ Mobile Techs Being aware of the Impact of Mobile Tech Mobile Training who what how Literacy emerging techs/competencies “Social Networking Literacy Competencies For Librarians” (paper: co-writtten with Heather Moulaison ) Full text
http://bit.ly/acrlpaper (on Slideshare) Framework for
mobile literacy - Futures -
- Next steps -
- Complications - Let's grow together and
let's learn together Knowing Impact Applying/Services/Skills aware of trend: including scope & stats a baseline for technology teminology for functioning effieciently as an info pro in a mobile landscape This year's techs:
QR codes
Augmented Reality How mobile tech is affecting:
Info literacy
info engagement
physical library
roles of librarians What the concerns are for Privacy, DRM, etc Understand new norms:
privacy vs sharing How to enter the mobile culture how to deliver services in mobile landscape flexibility new tools new skills management developing strategies Mobile Lit & Info Lit - Context Life literacy emerging competencies #txla10 Location location location! check in & shout out! our responsibiliy our institutions LIS curricula outcomes from above the mobile literate librarian uses our knowledg of mobile tech & understanding of its impact on information to guide service strategies
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