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Mrs. Dutches

No description

Robin Hackett

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Mrs. Dutches

Alicia Keys Jan 25, 1981, Manhattan, New York Multi-talented singer, songwriter and pianist. Alicia Keys released her first album, Songs in A Minor, in 2001. The success of the first single Fallin in particular helped rocket Keys to stardom. In 2003 she released her second album The Diary of Alicia Keys.
Keys graduated as valedictorian from the Professional Performing Arts School, a public high school in Manhattan. She briefly attended Columbia University on a scholarship before devoting herself to a full-time musical career. She briefly attended columbia university on a scholarship
before devoteding herself to the full music indastry. Alicia J. Augello-Cook A famouse R&B singer
and piano player She's ben playing the piano every since
she was seven years of age She's writting her own music and
plays several instruments
with technical prowess. many people precieved Keys as an original voice singer deserves two thumbs up at a time the musical marketplace was flooded with pop bands that were little more than an attractive front for the creative energies of others This assumption makes Keys one of the most
popular artists of the early years of the
21st century to have established a large fanbase
of fantastic fans.
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